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Semester 1 Reflection Introduction

Summer Reading: I was so excited to read about evolution in Emma and Charles. I am so glad I read this book! It was both entertaining and enlightening!

Homeostasis: Coming into this class, I was excited to learn how life works, including the balance of life. I found homeostasis to be an interesting topic that I wanted to know more about.

Water as a Solution in Living Things: I was excited to learn about the properties of water, because I wish to become a marine biologist. This information on water is very useful in that field.

Macromolecules: I am glad that I learned about macromolecules, because they are all around us in everyday life. It is very important to know, for regulating what you eat and other useful things.

Scientific Communication and Writing (New Learning and Improvement): This year, we had to analyze all of our labs, like the Water-Baggie Lab shown, and summarize in a paragraph. I learned how to communicate my ideas efficiently and how to draw conclusions.

Emma and Charles Trailer

Microscopy: I am so glad that we did so many labs that involved a microscope, such as the cell microscope lab. Learning how to use a microscope is such a valuable tool!

Laboratory Skills: Coming into high school biology, I was hoping to learn and do lots of labs. Luckily, with this class, I did. I learned so much about how to conduct science experiments and take results and analyze!

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