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Do we really have an immortal soul? | UNLEARN

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Brave Move Good For Tor And Privacy

In its latest version, Brave, a privacy focused desktop browser, has introduced the ability to enable Tor in private tabs, an important move both for private browsing and for Tor itself.<p>A recent research paper (pdf) showed that many people don’t have a good idea of what private browser mode really …


There goes society's 'kinder, gentler' neighborhood | Opinion

<b>By Blair Bess</b><p>I was never a fan of the children's show "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood" when I was a kid. My eyes were usually focused on the town of …

Fred Rogers

5 Ways to Bounce Back from a Low Vibe Day

When I was a little kid, my Mom bought a weekly women's magazine that had a horoscope column. For each star sign, it listed a high and a low "vibe …


Hear Me Out

Want to change someone's opinion? Start by listening: Paying close attention to speakers can lower their social anxiety and make them more …


6 Ways Childhood Abuse and Neglect Leads to Self-Blame in Adulthood

An overwhelming amount of people routinely experience mild or complex trauma symptoms from the environment they had in their formative years. One of …