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20 Facts About China You Might Be Shocked to Know

Joel Donahue<p>February 9, 2015<p>Top 20 Facts<p>Previous postA New Job for RC! Next postLearn These 20 Interesting Facts About Depression To Give It No …

25 Fascinating Facts About America

Some call it The Land of the Free, others call it ‘Mericuh. No matter what you call it though, you should take a short break from lighting fireworks …

17 Mind-Blowing Facts About Russia

Earlier this year, it was for the Sochi Winter Olympics. More recently, it's because President Vladimir Putin has been flexing his muscles again, this time in Ukraine.<p>As the world's eighth-largest economy, Russia can't be ignored.<p>The sheer scale of the country's pipelines, for instance, its …


Smallest Countries in the World

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About 9 out of 10 adults with lupus are women.<p>Scientists discovered in 2015 that there are 8 times more trees on earth than we previously thought.<p>The …

10 Surprising Facts About Lunar Eclipses

As the full moon shines in the night sky tonight (Sept. 27), it will pass through Earth's shadow in a total lunar eclipse.<p>You can watch the lunar …

16 Strange And Surprising Facts About Medieval England

What springs to mind when you hear the phrase "Medieval England"? Peasants? Witches? Chivalrous knights? If so, these facts might surprise you. Thanks to The Time Traveller's Guide To Medieval England for inspiring some of the entries.