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Twitter bullies must learn that with a voice comes responsibility

For many, the internet embodies an idealised vision of democracy – a liberal, open-minded environment that promotes free speech and provides a platform for alternative views. Once, only the powerful and wealthy had a voice which largely operated as a monologue; the elite spoke, and the masses …

#bullyingsucks #hatebullying #cyberbullyingsucks #stopbullying I was bullied by this girl on Friday. It wasn't fun to go through. I hate it. They make me feel worthless. I showed my parents what she was saying to me. I hated seeing them cry. It was horrible. I should've just let it be. I hate seeing the people I care for cry about me. Why? I dont know. Maybe I should just keep to myself. Cry alone at night. I just want a hug. Everyone judges me at school. I wore a cute outfit to school and this girl asked me what I was wearing. I faked a smile that whole day. Came home and cried in my hole. Where no one could see me. Break down. Let it all out. I don't get why people have to do this to me. I try so hard to fit in. They don't know the real me . No one does not even my family. The real me is depressed, lonely, insecure, sad. All she wants to do is be like everyone else, perfect. She wishes she could be perfect, knowing that she could never be. That all she'll ever be is ugly, lonly, insecure, fat, depressed and many more. Wishing that someone could come and rescue her. But nope. She will just sink. Sink to the bottom. Where she will be fake her whole life. Let people push her around. Backstab her. Bully her. And do you wanna know what she'll do? She'll let it happen.

Just think...... #cyberbullying #stopbullying #standup #follow #shoutout #spreadtheword

This happens this is real its no joke at all take cyber bullying seiriousley and take a stand

One text like that ruins a life of many


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<i>Contributor: Daniela Isakov, MD</i><p>Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not … Logo

Cyber Bullying<p>Cyberbullying is another hazard now appearing on social networking sites. Kids no longer need muscles to bully and torment their peers. …

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Cyber Bullying

What is Cyber Bullying?<p>Cyber bullying is bullying through email, instant messaging (IMing), chat room exchanges, Web site posts, or digital messages …

Outing or Trickery

Sharing someone’s secrets or embarrassing information online. Tricking someone into revealing secrets or embarrassing information, which is then …

I Have Nothing to Hide: Government Surveillance Does Not Concern Me

<i>By Irasema Garza, J.D., Policy Advisor, NCLR Policy Analysis Center</i><p>The old adage that nothing is certain in life except for death and taxes is no longer entirely correct. With the advent of new and emerging technologies, we can add government surveillance to the list. Our daily activities are …