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Fish that Walks on Land Swallows With Tongue Made of Water

In the distant past, between 350 and 400 million years ago, a group of our fishy ancestors started crawling up on land. The fins that propelled them through the water gradually evolved into sturdy, weight-bearing limbs. Their hind legs connected directly to their hips, which became bigger. Swimming …

Officially the last in our Narwhal series. Get ready for our next species in these postings of my favorite polar species and moments. I could not believe this moment. Regardless of the rarity of the situation or species, as a photographer/artist, I see the world in shapes and patterns. Here we were, turning and burning in our little ultralight airplane 500 feet above these unicorns of the sea, and all of sudden they broke into this perfect star pattern during a dance of 10 foot long ivory swords. I just smiled and kept clicking half in awe and half in disbelief. This image never made the @natgeo magazine article but it remains as one of my favorite moments during the Narwhal shoot. With @sea_legacy, @jedweingarten @cristinamittermeier and #BrianKnutsen. #gratitude #patience #teamwork @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #friendship #beauty #nature #narwhal #narwhals #unicorn @elplanetaphoto

Chobe Simplicity by Simon Cox

New York City Skyline in the Snow