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7 SA spring road trip routes to make you stop and smell the flowers

(Photo: Nelis Engelbrecht)<p>Rejoice! Winter is finally on the retreat and all around us the world seems to be reawakening from a deep slumber. Sweet …

Plan your perfect road trip to a U.S. national park

The National Park Service has 4 ultimate road trips mapped out, so get ready to see some of the greatest sites in America.<p>August is American …

National Parks

8 of the best coastal drives in the world, according to travelers

Key West

Here's the Best Way to Explore Europe's Secret Villages


European Travel

14 incredible national parks around the world

From the grassy planes of the Serengeti to the Arctic wilderness of Svalbard, these are the parks that are worth traveling the world to see.

National Parks

The 7 Deadly Sins of Teaching

If you could list 7 of the worst habits found in teachers and in teaching, what would they be? 1.


John Oliver points out the deeply troubling inadequacies of sex education in America

Many American children are introduced to this topic at school. But in a startlingly high fraction of the US, sex education is not being taught well, or even at all, as comedy host John Oliver pointed out in his show Last Week Tonight on August 10.<p>Here are some of the mind-blowing things Oliver …

John Oliver

5 Big Ideas That Don't Work In Education

There are few household names in education research. Maybe that in itself constitutes a problem. But if there was an Education Researcher Hall Of Fame, one member would be a silver-haired, plainspoken Kiwi named John Hattie.<p>Hattie directs the Melbourne Education Research Institute at the University …


8 things all great students have in common

Fewer people remember great <i>schools</i>.<p>Sir Ken Robinson — a 30-year veteran of the education industry who has taught in classrooms, worked alongside governments, and researched educational theory worldwide — finds this troubling.<p>In April, Robinson released a new book called "Creative Schools: The …

Civil Rights

Sheltered students go to college, avoid education

If you've reached that crotchety age I'm at, you may be as mystified as I am by the kids these days — especially by how they're behaving on campus. I get the naive leftist politics and the wildly irresponsible partying; I even understand the drive toward hamfisted censorship of views they don't …

RESPECT for the beekeeper. #editorial #onAssignment #lookingLikeTheStayPuffMarshmallowMan

Beepocalypse Redux: Honeybees Are Still Dying — and We Still Don’t Know Why

The honeybees are dying — and we don’t really know why. That’s the conclusion of a massive Department of Agriculture (USDA) report that came out late …

What's killing Canadian honeybees?

Insecticide producers deny neonicotinoids are to blame<p>Beekeeper John Van Blyderveen is troubled by the silence in his laneway in Ontario's Oxford …

Honeybees 'entomb' hives to protect against pesticides, say scientists

By sealing up cells full of contaminated pollen, bees appear to be attempting to protect the rest of the hive<p>Honeybees are taking emergency measures to protect their hives from pesticides, in an extraordinary example of the natural world adapting swiftly to our depredations, according to a …

The buzz is all about honey in the Heights

The honey looks nothing like the pale stuff you get from a squeeze bear: It's dark, elemental, erotic. It looks like what it is: the product of …


Communicating Across Species: Jonathon Keats' Honeybee Ballet

Imagine a world without bees, as <i>this TIME</i> magazine cover story has us consider. Honeybees are the "glue that holds our agricultural system together," …


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Women in Science

Pluto flyby - as it happened: First pictures show dwarf planet is red like Mars

New Horizons will make its closest approach to Pluto marking the 'end of an era' in Solar System exploration<p>Summary of New Horizon's extraordinary flypast:<p><i>Incredible images taken from Nasa's New Horizon's spacecraft have shown for the first time that Pluto is red like Mars.</i><p><i>Scientists were expecting</i> …

Creamy wild mushroom, lemon and parsley pasta - delicious. magazine

INGREDIENTS<p>200g dried pasta shells<br>• 15g butter<br>• 2 tbsp olive oil<br>• 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped<br>• 250g mixed wild mushrooms, such as large flat, …


Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Whipped Goat Cheese

6 Servings<p>This dish has become a signature of Domenica chef Alon Shaya. Precooking the cauliflower in seasoned poaching liquid infuses it with flavor; roasting makes it crisp.<p>May 2013Print<p>Ingredients<p>Roasted Cauliflower<p>2 1/2 cups dry white wine<p>1/3 cup olive oil<p>1/4 cup kosher salt<p>3 tablespoons fresh …


92 Vegetarian Super Bowl Recipes That'll Make You Forget Wings

These are 92 awesome vegetarian recipes for dips, fries, sandwiches, and other snacks that are perfect for the Super Bowl.<p>Yes, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest food holidays of the year. And while most cliché football foods are meatier than the players on the field, there are plenty of …