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Cam Bird

It’s not often that an artist’s life is saved by a band 8,000 miles away, but that is exactly what happened to Cam Bird, who, on the precipice of taking his life, put on a track by Metallica.At that moment, Australian recording artist, Cam Bird, realised that his life was too precious to let go of, and is now on a mission to use the power of music to change the lives of others.Homeless and armed with only a suitcase and a guitar, Cam realised that if James Hetfield’s lyrics could change his life in an instant, he now understood the power of his own gift and passion for music. It was time to pay it forward.After a series of experiences with bands, Cam’s music career took off. With an army of fans, he found himself touring Japan with his heavy metal group, not realising that his destiny lay as a solo Rock artist. With a broad range of influences including Dave Grohl and Sting, he was surprised to be recently called the “Keith Urban of Rock” by a number of his passionate fan base, many of whom are 8,000 miles aw