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"Capturing Action" Photo Assignment

Edit Your View<p>Posted feb 9, 2016<p>I’m loving all of the photos coming in for “Capturing Action.” I especially love that many of you are waiting to submit all three photos to see what you get over the course of the assignment. Editing is often the hardest part of an assignment. Stepping back and …

Pictures of the day: 24 January 2016 - Telegraph

〜おもしろ&かわいい動物動画〜 動物GIFアニメ



Herding her foster kitten. [video]


Dog Runs Away With Inflatable Pool. [video]


Why Dogs Are Some Scientists’ New Best Friends

Dogs develop many of the same diseases humans do, making them good subjects for research<p>The DNA of dogs may offer clues about human conditions, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and autism, according to researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, who have launched a major …


The funniest animal photos of 2015 revealed

The above image of a wild hamster, cheeks filled with food, expression of quiet determination writ large across its furry brow, has been named the funniest animal photo of the year at the inaugural Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.<p>The hamster, or rather Julian Rad, the Austrian who captured it, …

33 GIFs From 2013 That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Trust me.


Owls dancing to music.<p>2014-02-01

Forgetting Names… | Pinterest | Bobs, Humor and Hilarious

Baby Dinosaurs Found in “The Dragon’s Tomb”

The big dinosaurs get all the love. I’m not even talking about the endless “my sauropod is bigger than yours” contest, or the constant effort to one-up <i>Tyrannosaurus rex</i>. I mean that for any given species, we’re obsessed with the biggest individual. That’s always held up as a fossil exemplar, and, …

Japanese Bonsai Tree Takes a 10-Year Journey Around the Globe

Conceptual artist Azuma Makoto pushes the boundaries of traditional Japanese flower arrangement, taking his plant and flower designs to entirely new levels. Makoto's 10-year project <i>Shiki: Landscape and Beyond,</i> captures the journey of a Japanese white pine bonsai tree around (and above) the globe. …


Could humans regrow teeth? These fish say ‘maybe’

Working with hundreds of Lake Malawi cichlids, researchers are beginning to understanding how the animals maintain their hundreds of teeth throughout …

スカイままさんはTwitterを使っています: “この子の寝方が可愛くて、ずっとこの場を離れられませんでした。”

Don't touch me!







How robots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning will affect employment and public policy

Emerging technologies like industrial robots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are advancing at a rapid pace, but there has been little …