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Autism Spectrum

A Kid With Cerebral Palsy Got Ejected From A Trump Rally. Then He Met The President.

Twelve-year-old J.J. Holmes begged his mother to drive him to a Donald Trump rally in Tampa, Florida, on Saturday. J.J., who has cerebral palsy, wanted to go and protest the Republican nominee’s treatment of people with disabilities.<p>His mother, Alison, agreed to make the trip. Once they got there, …

Donald Trump

What Do You Know ... About Learning to Share?

In this week’s <i>Atlantic</i> coverage, our writers explored how kids learn to appreciate fairness, the Cubs’ long-awaited win, the trials of “single-digit millionaires,” the importance of vocational classes, the standout series <i>Atlanta</i>, and more.<p>Can you remember the key facts? Find the answers to this …


Brexit Is Jeopardizing Britain's Intellectual Legacy

The country’s cherished universities are in turmoil over whether their European and foreign professors and students will be able to remain once its membership in the European Union is over.<p>LONDON—On a recent afternoon in October, a group of academics gathered in a spare basement lecture hall in the …

Higher Education

The Ignored Science That Could Help Close the Achievement Gap

There’s a body of research on cognitive reading processes, so why isn’t it being utilized?<p>As of January 2014, about 76 percent of Americans over the age of 18 said they had read a book in the last year, according to Pew Research data. But surely the other 24 percent of the population read something …


Researchers confirm that screens are seriously messing with your kids’ sleep

Reports show that kids’ burgeoning screen use is hurting their imaginations, their ability to interact with each other and their attention spans.<p>It is also keeping them up at night.<p>According to a new meta-analysis from King’s College, London, the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets is reducing the …


Too Sweet, Or Too Shrill? The Double Bind For Women

Fewer than 1 in 5 members of Congress are women. At Fortune 500 companies, fewer than 1 in 20 CEOs are women. And if you look at all the presidents of the United States through Barack Obama, what are the odds of having 44 presidents who are all men?<p>If men and women had an equal shot at the White …


How to dress like an adult

<i>This article is part of a series aimed at helping you navigate life’s opportunities and challenges. What else should we write about? Contact us:</i> <i>smarterliving@nytimes.com</i><i>.</i><p>A few years ago, I was sitting in an Yves Saint Laurent presentation (this was before the Hedi Slimane era, when it was still …

Black Tie

A Region That Sees Racism as a Threat to Its Economy

Minnesota’s Twin Cities, one of the most prosperous areas in the nation, is reckoning with its inequities.<p>For decades, Minneapolis has been heralded as an American success story: The Twin Cities area is home to one of the largest concentrations of Fortune-500-company headquarters, and, relative to …


The startling rise in oral cancer in men, and what it says about our changing sexual habits

Oral cancer is on the rise in American men, with health insurance claims for the condition jumping 61 percent from 2011 to 2015, according to a new analysis.<p>The most dramatic increases were in throat cancer and tongue cancer, and the data show that claims were nearly three times as common in men as …

Public Health

What's More Distracting Than A Noisy Co-Worker? Turns Out, Not Much

Sounds, particularly those made by other humans, rank as the No. 1 distraction in the workplace. According to workplace design expert Alan Hedge at Cornell, 74 percent of workers say they face "many" instances of disturbances and distractions from noise.<p>"In general, if it's coming from another …

The Workplace

The Cost of the Header

Last week, the New York <i>Times</i> reported that Bellini, Brazil’s team captain in the 1958 World Cup, who died in March, suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or C.T.E., the degenerative brain disease best known in the United States for its victims among former boxers and N.F.L. players. …

Groundhog Day

When Colleges Forget the Calendar and Focus on Mastery Instead

Competency-based education allows students to progress through topics as they master them and could help reach underserved populations.<p>Scrap the lecture halls, final exams, degree plans, and traditional semesters.<p>In a growing segment of higher education, students can enroll in a personalized online …

Higher Education

Why Do Americans Move So Much More Than Europeans?

How the national mythos and U.S. labor laws influence geographic mobility.<p>Kevin Bacon moves from a big city to a small town in Middle America where dancing is outlawed. Ralph Macchio moves from New Jersey to California, where he learns the art of life and combat. Dianne Wiest moves with her two …

Real Estate

This week I learned fish have accents, and more

October 21, 2016<p>*Subscribe to <i>The Week</i>'s podcasts on iTunes*<p>Read more about the facts mentioned:<p>LATEST<p>PODCASTS

How switching to Macs is paying off for IBM

Last year, IBM made a bold decision. The company let its employees choose between a Windows PC or a Mac for their own work machines. IBM staffers …


Words Matter: A Linguistic Analysis of the Presidential Debates

"Word matter when you run for president," as Hillary Clinton reminded her opponent during the first presidential debate. Clinton was clearly admonishing Donald Trump for a season of off-the-cuff remarks and tweets which have been routinely misleading, false, hateful, derogatory, inflammatory, …