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Hillary Clinton's DNC speech: full text

<b>(CNN) —</b> <i>As prepared for delivery.</i><p>Thank you! Thank you for that amazing welcome.<p>And Chelsea, thank you.<p>I'm so proud to be your mother and so proud of the woman you've become.<p>Thanks for bringing Marc into our family, and Charlotte and Aidan into the world.<p>And Bill, that conversation we started in the …

Donald Trump

32 years of acceptance speeches in two minutes

Regardless of party or decade, newly minted presidential nominees have given supporters at national conventions similar inspirational messages.

Time Warner

Clinton 'No ceilings' line recalls Lil Wayne

<b>(CNN) —</b> Hillary Clinton delivered a historic speech Thursday night, capping off a bruising primary and becoming the first female presidential nominee of a major US party.<p>Taking note of this significant point in the country's history, Clinton said: "When there are no ceilings, the sky's the …

Lil Wayne

Clinton vs. Trump as commander in chief: A world of difference

<b>(CNN) —</b> One of the big themes of the concluding session of the Democratic convention Thursday was that Hillary Clinton would be a strong and effective commander in chief, while Donald Trump would most decidedly not be.<p>At the convention, the usually mild-mannered, retired Marine four-star Gen. John …

U.S. Presidency

Hillary Clinton celebrates making history at DNC

Hillary Clinton celebrates on stage at the Democratic National Convention where she became the first woman to win the presidential nomination of a major party.

Hillary Clinton

Dem convention speeches Day 4: CNN's Reality Check Team vets the claims

<b>(CNN) —</b> The Democratic Party gathered in Philadelphia on Thursday for the fourth night of its convention, and CNN's Reality Check Team put the speakers' statements and assertions to the test.<p>The team of reporters, researchers and editors across CNN listened throughout the speeches and selected key …

Hillary Clinton

Indonesia executes four convicted drug offenders

<b>Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) —</b> Indonesia executed four convicted drug offenders by firing squad early Friday, the country's deputy attorney general said.<p>Noor Rachmad told reporters outside the Nusakambangan prison in central Java that authorities have not decided when 10 other prisoners will be …


Syria's al-Nusra rebrands and cuts ties with al Qaeda

<b>(CNN) —</b> Syrian jihadist group Jabhat al Nusra has announced it is severing ties with al Qaeda and changing its name to Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham, according to a video statement from leader Abu Mohammad al-Golani.<p>Though Golani, in his first video appearance, said the new group will have "no affiliation …


Memorable lines from DNC's final night

<b>Philadelphia (CNN) —</b> The final night of the Democratic National Convention highlighted Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's commitment to public service, as well as the sacrifice of American soldiers and immigrants.<p>Here are the night's most memorable lines:<p>Hillary Clinton on nomination<p>"And so my …

Hillary Clinton

Clinton criticizes Trump for saying he can fix it alone

At the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton criticizes Donald Trump by saying not to believe anyone who says "I alone can fix it."

Donald Trump

Gen. Allen delivers forceful case for Clinton

<b>Philadelphia (CNN) —</b> John Allen, the retired four-star Marine general and former commander of American forces in Afghanistan who has largely stayed out of politics, took the stage at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night to deliver a rousing endorsement of Hillary Clinton.<p>His speech, …

Republican Convention

Father of slain Muslim US soldier to Donald Trump: 'You have sacrificed nothing and no one'

<b>(CNN) —</b> The father of a Muslim-American soldier who was killed in the Iraq War delivered a passionate appeal at the Democratic National Convention for voters to support Hillary Clinton, accusing Republican Donald Trump of sacrificing "nothing" and "smearing the character" of religious minorities …

Donald Trump

Katy Perry: I love Hillary Clinton

In brief remarks at the Democratic National Convention, singer Katy Perry urged voters to go to the polls on election day and elect Hillary Clinton for president.

Katy Perry

Fallen Muslim soldier's dad to Trump: Read Constitution

At the Democratic National Convention, the father of a deceased Muslim U.S. soldier asked Donald Trump if had ever read the Constitution and offered to loan Trump his.

Constitutional Law

Democrats honor fallen officers at convention

<b>Philadelphia (CNN) —</b> Democrats honored fallen police officers with a moment of silence Thursday night and appearances by family of those killed in the line of duty at their national convention.<p>The tribute, in the lead-up to the marquee address by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on …

Republican Convention

Tim Kaine chose power over ethics

<b>(CNN) —</b> Just as they have in every presidential election since I became eligible to vote, the Democrats this year have broken my heart. By nominating a ticket (and adopting a platform) that is aggressively committed to maximal abortion rights, the Democratic Party has signaled unequivocally that it …

Tim Kaine

Biden to appear on 'Law and Order SVU'

<b>Washington (CNN) —</b> Vice President Joe Biden plans to carry his message against sexual assault onto a television episode of the hit series "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit."<p>The vice president was scheduled to tape his appearance in New York Friday, according to his public schedule. He's seeking …

Law and order

Girl killed by zoo elephant

<b>(CNN) —</b> A 7-year-old Moroccan girl has died after a zoo elephant threw a rock at her.<p>Managers at the zoo in the capital of Rabat confirmed the details in a press statement.<p>The girl died a few hours after being transferred to hospital. Video shot by a zoo visitor shows a number of people huddled …


Trump and Clinton children are friends

Even as their parents are competing against each other for the presidency, Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton are friends. CNN's Amara Walker reports.

Ivanka Trump

The shadow convention: Democrats in a different light

<b>Philadelphia (CNN) —</b> The quadrennial national political conventions are tightly scripted affairs designed to sell the voting public on an idealized version of the party and its candidates for high office. In Philadelphia this week, Democrats are seeking -- with varying success -- to present a …

Hillary Clinton

Why carry your luggage when it can carry you?

Now you can ride your suitcase. CNN's Jeanne Moos took a test drive on a motorized suitcase.


Former WH staffer becomes first transgender woman to address DNC

<b>Philadelphia (CNN) —</b> Sarah McBride spoke out against discrimination against LGBT Americans Thursday as she became the first transgender person to speak at a major party convention.<p>McBride, 25, was the first openly transgender White House staffer when she interned in the Office of Public Engagement …


Trump says he would like to 'hit' DNC speakers who disparaged him

<b>Davenport, Iowa (CNN) —</b> Donald Trump, after hearing speeches at the Democratic convention this week, said Thursday he wanted to "hit a number of those speakers so hard, their heads would spin."<p>"They'd never recover," he said.<p>Trump often uses the term "hit" to mean verbally attack, rather than …

Donald Trump

Charges dropped in Chandra Levy murder

<b>(CNN) —</b> A judge on Thursday dismissed murder charges against a man accused in the death of Chandra Levy, a Washington intern whose 2001 disappearance created national headlines.<p>Federal prosecutors said they can no longer prove a case against Ingmar Guandique, Bill Miller, public information officer …


Joe Biden ups ante by calling Vladimir Putin a 'dictator'

<b>Washington (CNN) —</b> Vice President Joe Biden ratcheted up US rhetoric on Moscow Wednesday night, for the first time calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a 'dictator.'<p>The undiplomatic description comes as American authorities finger his government for a hacking incident allegedly seeking to …

Joe Biden

North Miami shooting: Man, wounded caretaker reunite

<b>North Miami, Florida (CNN) —</b> The North Miami behavioral therapist shot by police last week as he tried to calm a man with autism in his care was back in a Florida hospital on Thursday.<p>Only this time, Charles Kinsey -- who was struck in the leg -- was there for a reunion with Arnaldo Eliud Rios …

Psychiatric Hospitals

The 'media circus' at the DNC

<b>(CNN) —</b> The message may differ from convention to convention, but whether it's Democratic or Republican, there's always one constant.<p>British photographer Martin Parr focused his lens this week on what he calls "the media circus" and its many layers.<p>Whether it is radio stations with their mixing …

Martin Parr

Trump, Clinton to receive intel briefings despite opposition

<b>Washington (CNN) —</b> Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will receive their government intelligence briefing within days, even as each party argues the other's nominee is not worthy of receiving sensitive information, a US intelligence official familiar with the process confirmed to CNN Thursday.<p>The …

Hillary Clinton

Google's moonshot projects lost $859 million last quarter

<b>New York (CNN) —</b> Google's most extreme bets are starting to generate more sales -- but at a great cost.<p>Alphabet, the parent company of Google, saw sales from its so-called moonshot projects hit $185 million in the quarter ending in June, more than doubling sales from the same quarter a year ago.<p>But …

Fortune 500

Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates gets prison for faking cancer

<b>(CNN) —</b> When a former Miss Pennsylvania U.S. International told her friends and family she had leukemia in March 2013, they did everything they could to help.<p>They hosted fundraisers in her honor, drove her to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for treatment, and even had her carried across the …