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Why I had to stand up to Trump

(CNN) — I went to the Donald Trump rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina, on January 8 with a group of diverse folks to stand in silent protest against hate-speech in general and Islamophobia in particular.

Trump proposes banning Muslims from entering the United States and putting Muslims in a database …

South Carolina Primary

Is New Hampshire about to flip the script for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders?

Manchester, N.H. (CNN) — We landed in Nashua before dawn, a conquering political army arriving in New Hampshire to negotiate the terms of surrender.

Hours earlier, Barack Obama had won a stunning victory in the 2008 Iowa caucuses and the putative nominee, Hillary Clinton, had placed a disappointing …

Bernie Sanders

How Maurice White, and Earth Wind & Fire lifted us up, up, up

(CNN) — Midsummer, 1975, anywhere in America:

You're in a car driving through a neighborhood, any neighborhood. It doesn't matter whether it's middle-class or working-class, predominantly black, white or brown.

It's late afternoon and there are kids playing outside. There's a radio on and the sultry, …

Maurice White

Bernie is cool, Hillary is square

(CNN) — At CNN's Democratic town hall this week, Hillary Clinton highlighted the biggest problem for her campaign in one answer: "That's what they offered."

The question was why she took a whopping $675,000 fee to speak to the Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs. To be sure, for a once-proclaimed …

Hillary Clinton

Zika virus's other looming threat

(CNN) — When the World Health Organization declared a global health emergency on Monday, it didn't cite the Zika virus itself as the reason. The emergency, it said, is the alarming rise in cases of microcephaly and Guillan Barre Syndrome.

At this time we have no other convincing explanation for the …


'London Has Fallen' is ill-timed, reckless terror flick

(CNN) — The new film "London Has Fallen" is obviously meant to be an action-filled popcorn flick, but there's something about its upcoming March release that strikes me as profoundly irresponsible.

After recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, Paris, Burkina Faso and other places too numerous to …


Nevada's perplexing war on solar

(CNN) — Charlie Catania signed up the first day he could.

It was May 2014, and the solar-leasing giant, SolarCity, had just come to town -- "town," in this case being Las Vegas, where the retired 71-year-old once worked as a Baccarat dealer. ("The James Bond game," he explained to me, apparently …


Clinton, Sanders battle over 'gods' and 'devils'

(CNN) — I watched the Democratic debate Thursday night and thought: Once and for all, everyone needs to stop complaining about the quality of the candidate debates. "These are not real debates," people grouse to me. "They were better back in the day." Wrong!

Some are indeed better (the …

Hillary Clinton

Beach volleyball and women's rights in Iran?

(CNN) — Beach volleyball is testing women's rights in Iran.

Yes, beach volleyball in Iran. You may think that women's rights there are a secondary issue, compared with recent headlines focusing on a nuclear agreement, the freeing of the Washington Post's correspondent in Tehran and other prisoners, …


The legal profession's drinking problem

(CNN) — First, the good news: The practice of law has always been, and remains, one of the most vital and respected professions in the United States or abroad. Nothing you're about to read changes that. Attracting some of our best, brightest and most dedicated minds, the law is a calling that holds …

Mental Health

The affront of Michael Jackson being played by a white guy

(CNN) — You have to love the exquisite timing, at the very least.

Our ears are still ringing from the concussive noises and boycott threats after a second consecutive year of all-white Academy Awards nominees were announced only days ago. Now comes the disclosure that Joseph Fiennes, a white actor …

Michael Jackson

From nervous laughter to Trump-supporting Kremlin: How world sees U.S. vote

(CNN) — The U.S. presidential race isn't only drawing attention and controversy in the United States -- it's being closely watched across the globe. But what does the rest of the world think about a campaign that has already thrown up one surprise after another? CNN asked 10 journalists for their

World Politics

Why Trump is beating Fox News -- and GOP rivals

(CNN) — If you understand nothing else about Donald Trump, understand this:

He has a particular mindset we see all the time in business -- he's "the disrupter."

The disrupter is someone whose entire "brand" is to break the mold, to turn the way we do things on its head. Amazon did this with retail, …

Donald Trump

Debate coach: Sorry, Donald Trump, you lose

(CNN) — As a debate coach, I find sometimes after a debate it's easier to evaluate a performance if we break it down to its basics.

In this case, lets divide up the Republican debate in Iowa Thursday night as Donald Trump, who was absent from the stage, appears to divide up the world. Winners and …

Donald Trump

Don't give up on two-state solution

(CNN) — Last week, Israel's opposition leader, Zionist Union Chair Isaac Herzog, caused a stir in his party by arguing that right now, a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was not realistic.

In echoing the sentiments of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -- the man he seeks to …


Who won the Iowa GOP debate...besides Donald Trump?

(CNN) — CNN commentators and guest analysts in Iowa and New Hampshire offer their take on the latest Republican presidential candidate debate. The opinions expressed in these commentaries are those of the authors.

Errol Louis: With Trump gone, substance is center stage

The big Republican debate …

Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton: The cure for Citizens United is more democracy

(CNN) — In 2008, Republicans faced a choice.

America had just elected a Democratic president. The Senate was majority-Democratic. The House of Representatives had more Democrats than at any time since 1992.

The Republicans could either change themselves -- by embracing the young, diverse and tolerant …


Do we need more fake holidays?

(CNN) — Thursday is National Granola Bar Day (and National Hug Day). Saturday is even better: National Pie Day. And next Friday it's National Puzzle Day.

I don't know about you, but it seems like in the last couple of years we've been getting more and more "holidays" that we've never heard of. To …

Dunkin' Donuts

Our river-on-fire moment

(CNN) — We've done it before.

In 1978, when the toxic waste tragedy at Love Canal came to light, we didn't sit back and sulk. We created the Superfund program to address future crises.

In the 1980s, when it became apparent that acid rain was corroding buildings and killing forests, we devised an …


GOP establishment deserves Trump, Cruz

(CNN) — A number of prominent Republicans have been complaining about what is happening to their party.

"Rarely has a party so passively accepted its own self-destruction," lamented New York Times columnist David Brooks. He and others have complained that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are hijacking the …

Donald Trump

Why 'jerks' get ahead

(CNN) — Is Ted Cruz the most popular jerk in America? He very well could be: The brash Texas senator's star is on the rise, with on-again, off-again predictions for domination in the upcoming Iowa caucuses, and yet it's becoming clearer by the day that this is a guy about whom few have nice things …

Ted Cruz

Can Donald Trump answer for dad's racial history?

(CNN) — Donald Trump, he would have you know, is no racist.

Not only that, "I am the least racist person you have ever met," as he told CNN's Don Lemon, which is a pretty high compliment to himself. Nevertheless, it seems that hardly a week goes by in this campaign without Trump doing or saying …

Political History

Chris Rock needs to call out 'white Oscars'

(CNN) — The Academy Awards nominees this year are whiter than the blizzard that just hit the Northeast. We might as well call the Oscars "50 Shades of White." And what's worse is that it's the second year in a row this happened. It's like a bad sequel to an already horrible film.

Most assumed things …

Chris Rock

How to cut off the spread of a Zika virus

(CNN) — When I think about public health recommendations, I think about what I would want for my own family, and in this case, for my own wife. I don't think in terms of population management and rationing as a disease control officer must do.

What to do about the Zika virus?

As this -- another viral …


Why Iowa's evangelical voters matter

(CNN) — Every four or eight years, evangelicals and Mass-attending Catholics are handed a moment in which they uniquely impact American presidential politics: the Iowa caucuses.

When I say "evangelicals and Mass-attending Catholics," I have a very specific set of people in mind, known primarily by …

Ted Cruz

In age of ISIS, will you lose web freedoms of Arab Spring?

(CNN) — "If you want to liberate a society, just give them the Internet," Egyptian revolutionary and Internet executive Wael Ghonim told CNN's Wolf Blitzer five years ago.

Ghonim spoke from experience. Back then, he ran a Facebook page that served as an information hub for the protesters who brought …


Who lost the Middle East?

(CNN) — To listen to the presidential debates, particularly on the Republican side, you would think it was the absence of U.S. (read Barack Obama's) leadership that is responsible for the current travails of a broken, angry, dysfunctional Middle East. Obama has no strategy in the Middle East, Jeb …

World Politics

The presidential candidate who said he could shoot someone and still win

(CNN) — Over the weekend, Donald Trump, as he is wont to do, made some news. While extolling the loyalty of his supporters, he mused, "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters."

He then blasted the "soft" support for other Republican contenders. "My …

2016 U.S. Presidential Election

'American Sniper' widow: Gun control won't protect us

(CNN) — Many of us taking part in the CNN town hall on guns have been touched by someone who chose to do evil.

I am sharing my thoughts with you because I feel I can relate to people on both sides of the issue of gun control. I have been afraid of guns, I have sworn I would never use a gun on …

American Sniper

The governor of Maine can't govern his own tongue

(CNN) — Maine is a state that seems remote, even to those of us who live in northern New England. Mainers have their own ways, a hardiness and independence of spirit that are admirable. Its thick and steep woods attracted, among others, Henry David Thoreau, who wrote in "The Maine Woods" (1864): …