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Guys, We Need To Talk About Minions And Their Private Parts

Warning: Minion genitals — or lack thereof — ahead.<p>Tap to revealClick to reveal


Bannon Leaves Behind A White House Of Hawks And Internationalists

Here’s how Bannon’s departure could reshape the balance of power in the Trump administration on foreign policy.<p>The long-rumored ouster of White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon finally came to pass on Friday, eliminating an influential skeptic of military intervention and trade in a White …

Foreign Policy

People Who Witnessed The Cambrils Terror Attack Describe The Horror — And Carry On With Life

"I saw it all, I saw the car, I saw guns."<p>CAMBRILS, SPAIN — There were just a few tourists eating lazy lunches at pavement tables on Friday in this small seaside town just 90 minutes from Barcelona, where just twelve hours ago diners abandoned their paellas and carafes of wine and ran screaming …


Seth Rogen Just Revealed 10 Awesome "Superbad" Facts For The Movie's 10th Anniversary

"The period blood on the leg scene actually happened to my friend at a high school dance."


The Force Is With Us: A "Star Wars" Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie Might Be In The Works

This could be the movie that will bring balance to the prequels!<p>I’ve always thought there was a story to tell between my last one and Alec Guinness’ first one...It would be fun to film that story now I’m older. I’d be the right age. I’m forty-five, Alec Guinness was what, sixty? I could do two of …

Star Wars

People Are Freaking Out That Places Are Running Out Of Gas Ahead Of The Eclipse

But gas stations say that everything is fine.<p>Lots of these eclipse viewers are renting cars, which has some towns that don't typically see a whole lot of tourism squeezed of resources like gas.<p>"No our station has not run out of gas," Ana Gonzalez, the assistant manager of Shell in Madras, Oregon, …

Total Eclipse

Gordon Ramsay Talking Sweetly To Children Is Making Me Sob Uncontrollably

"I'm not leaving until you laugh."

Gordon Ramsay

The Movie That's Ensuring No One Forgets What "Gook" Means

“We gotta make sure our history doesn't get erased,” Gook director Justin Chon told BuzzFeed News.<p>CULVER CITY, California — The upcoming film <i>Gook</i> is set during the 1992 Los Angeles uprising, but it's not a look at the fraught time period audiences have seen before. The movie centers on a pair of …


24 PBS Kids Shows You Should’ve Never Forgot About

Take a trip down memory lane.


Another Advisory Council To Trump Is Falling Apart

The co-chairs of the Department of Commerce's Digital Economy Board of Advisors have resigned. "There must never be equivocation in denouncing hate, bigotry, violence and racism."<p>The co-chairs of the Department of Commerce's Digital Economy Board of Advisors have resigned in what is the latest …

Digital Economy

Is Miley Cyrus' New Video Filled With Old References To Her Past?

No one stays the same!<p>Is Miley Cyrus' New Video Filled With Old References To Her Past?<p>Take quizzes and chill with the BuzzFeed app.


Here's What The Cast Of "High School Musical 2" Looks Like 10 Years Later

What team? Wildcats!

Disney Channel

The Latest Ruling In Uber Versus Waymo Is A Win For Waymo

Waymo will be allowed to tell the trial jury that Uber and its lawyers concealed its possession of Google files, US District Judge William Alsup ruled.<p>When Alphabet’s trade secret lawsuit against Uber goes to trial this October, lawyers for the company’s self driving arm Waymo will be allowed to …


How to Photograph The Eclipse On Your Phone

There are going to be millions watching the eclipse — and many will try to capture it through the lens on their smartphone. Here’s advice from the pros about how to take the best pics.<p>The first thing you want to do is make sure you’re in the right place. Across 12 states from Oregon to South …


Iran And The US Are Using The UN As Their Sparring Ground Over The Nuclear Deal

After a stern statement from US ambassador Nikki Haley, Iran fired back on Friday.<p>The 2015 nuclear deal between Iran, the US, and other world powers was sealed officially at the United Nations in the form of a resolution in the Security Council. The UN also become the primary dueling ground for the …


27 Trans, Queer, And Non-Binary Comics Creators You Should Follow Right Now

Seriously. Follow. Immediately.


US Cyber Command Is Now One Step Closer To Spinning Off From The NSA

Secretary of Defense James Mattis will review whether the military hacking command should be fully separated from the NSA.<p>The United States’s cyberwar nerve center inside the military has gotten a promotion.<p>President Donald Trump announced via Twitter on Friday that US Cyber Command, the Department …

National Security Agency (NSA)

President Trump's Committee On The Arts And Humanities Has Resigned In Response To Charlottesville

"Reproach and censure in the strongest possible terms are necessary following your support of the hate groups and terrorists who killed and injured fellow Americans in Charlottesville."<p>Dear Mr. President:Reproach and censure in the strongest possible terms are necessary following your support of …


The World Of Showbiz Is Mourning The Loss Of Sir Bruce Forsyth, Who Has Died Aged 89

"Didn't he do well. RIP Sir Bruce."

Bruce Forsyth

27 Pictures Of The "Riverdale" Cast That'll Get You Excited For Season 2



Here's Exactly Why It Hurts So Much To Get Kicked In The Balls

When it comes to injury susceptibility, the testicles are low-hanging fruit.

New York University

Special Counsel Focuses On Trump’s Son

Prosecutors investigating possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign are bearing down on the president’s son, attempting to figure out his intent when he attended a meeting in which he was promised dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of Russia’s support for Trump’s campaign. The question …


Several People Were Stabbed In Attack In Finland, Police Confirm

Police say multiple people were stabbed in Turku, Finland on Friday and that police shot and arrested one suspect.<p>Several people have been stabbed in an attack in Finland, police said.<p>A suspect had been shot, police confirmed, also saying that they have apprehended one person in the southwestern …


If You've Seen 36/52 Of These Documentaries, You're Probably A Netflix Addict

And you're probably ~super smart~.


Emilia Clarke Shared A Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Kit Harington Pretending To Be A Dragon

"I mean, JEEEZE, one pet of a dragon and he thinks he's one of them."<p>View this post on Facebook

Game of Thrones

Tina Fey Has Given A Scathing Speech On Trump's Comments On Charlottesville

“And then Donny Jonny says we need to defend our country’s beautiful confederate monuments, when you know he would take them down in a second if he thought he could build a bunch of poorly constructed condos on the spot.”<p>View this post on Facebook

Tina Fey

Tell Us About The First Time You Felt Represented As An Asian-American On Television Or In Film

"Who is that girl I see, staring straight back at me?"


Are You Depraved Enough To Recognize All These Sex Scenes?

Explore the sensual side of the seventh art.

Mila Kunis

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Used Lin-Manuel Miranda As A Squat Weight To Demonstrate Prison Workouts And LOL

"Once you get to maximum security prison, they use each other as weights."

Game of Thrones

Finally: A Good-Looking Android Phone Without The Bloatware

This Android phone is made by Essential, a company you've probably never heard of. And it looks really, really nice.