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"The Loud House" Creator Has Been Suspended After Several Reports Of Harassment

Nickelodeon has suspended Chris Savino, the animator behind the hit cartoon series, according to Cartoon Brew.<p>Chris Savino, the creator and executive producer of Nickelodeon’s popular cartoon series <i>The Loud House</i>, was suspended last week after several reported instances of harassment, according to …


NFL Reaches Out To Players And Waits For Protests To End

Criminal justice was a major focus of a recent meeting in New York City between high-profile players in the NFL community. Meanwhile, the league hopes its commitment to a sentencing changes lead players to commit to an end to kneeling.<p>Officials inside the National Football League are characterizing …

Roger Goodell

Behind The Emotional Threesome That Sparked The Idea For Wonder Woman

"These weren't three kinky, freaky people. These were three people that were in love," said Luke Evans, star of Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.<p>This summer, audiences flocked to theaters in record droves to see Gal Gadot slip on Wonder Woman’s kick-ass bracelets. But most of the millions who …


33 Actual Movie Lines That Are So Dumb You'll Be Screaming "Really?!"

"Snow dad is better than no dad."


Jason Isaacs Was Low-Key Angry Over His Audition For Lucius Malfoy In "Harry Potter"

Lucius wasn't his top choice.

Harry Potter

This "Harry Potter" Concept Art Book Is The Most Magical Thing You'll See Today

Storyboards, blueprints, and sketches, oh my! Take a sneak peek at The Art of Harry Potter, which will be released November 2017.<p>THE ART OF HARRY POTTER contains hundreds of rare and never-before-seen concept illustrations from the closed set of the Harry Potter films. Bursting with unpublished …

Harry Potter

This Hilarious Video Of Kit Harington And Rose Leslie From 2015 Is The Moment I KNEW THEY’D LAST FOREVER

This is what true love looks like.

Game of Thrones

19 Things Pop Culture Gets So, So Wrong About Depression

If it's not ~tragically beautiful~, is it really depression?<p><i>Note: This post was inspired by Community suggestions, but does not include direct quotes from users.</i><p>And if you need to talk to someone immediately, you can reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and or the …

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Frank Ocean Just Won The Defamation Lawsuit His Father Filed Against Him

Calvin Cooksey sued Ocean earlier this year for claiming Cooksey used a gay slur.<p><i>Claudia Rosenbaum contributed reporting to this story.</i>

Frank Ocean

These Americans Were Tricked Into Working For Russia. They Say They Had No Idea.

BuzzFeed News spoke to four people who organized black rights protests and taught self-defense classes after being contacted by Russian trolls pretending to be US activists.<p>Russia’s most infamous troll farm recruited US activists to help stage protests and organize self-defense classes in black …

Black Lives Matter

Two Google Execs Donated To Lawmakers On The Senate Intel Committee This Year

Alphabet executive chairman Eric Schmidt and Google general counsel Kent Walker have given to senators on one of the committees investigating Russian meddling during the election. Google confirmed that representatives for the company will testify on Capitol Hill in November.<p>Two Google executives …


Channing Tatum Has Pulled His Movie About A Sexually Abused Boy From The Weinstein Company

The news comes one day after The Weinstein Company terminated Harvey Weinstein's employment.<p>Channing Tatum announced he will no longer develop his film, about a sexually abused 17-year-old boy, with The Weinstein Company. The company was producing Tatum's directorial debut alongside Reid Carolin,</i> …

Channing Tatum

How Much Do You Know About History's Sketchiest Medical Treatments?

Featuring leeches, pelvic douches, and creative hemorrhoid cures!


Tom Brady Is A Health Nut. He's Also An Investor In A Candy Startup.

Football star Tom Brady has advised fans to limit their intake of everything from sugar to strawberries and potatoes. Turns out he's an investor in a candy startup.<p>Since last month, when his lifestyle book <i>The TB12 Method</i> debuted, football star Tom Brady has spread his unique nutritional wisdom far …

Tom Brady

People Are Hella Mad About Twitter's Old-Tweet-Loving Algorithm

Hello? Yes. It's yesterday. I'm here in your Twitter Timeline.<p>Twitter is constantly testing and tweaking the algorithm that shows its users "the best tweets first" in their timelines. But within the past month or so, the algorithm has started filling some people's timelines with such old tweets …


Here's What The Girl From "The Ring" Looks Like Now, Fifteen Years Later

From seven days to fifteen years...


Twitter Was Warned Repeatedly About This Fake Account Run By A Russian Troll Farm And Refused To Take It Down

The account was one of hundreds created by Russia's Internet Research Agency and drew 136,000 followers by tweeting divisive messages in the name of the Tennessee Republican Party.<p>Twitter took 11 months to close a Russian troll account that claimed to speak for the Tennessee Republican Party even …

Social Media

21 Self-Care Tips Sexual Assault Survivors Might Need Right Now

Turn. Off. The. News.<p>Between ongoing coverage of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and people coming forward on social media with their own stories of sexual assault and harassment, you might need to take extra care of your mental health right now. Here's what has helped some of our …

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

A Guy Won "Jeopardy" Last Night With Just $1, And It Was Pretty Wild

It's only the second time in the show's history that it's happened.


For These Veterans, Growing Pot Isn't Just A Job, It's A Cause

For veterans learning to cultivate marijuana through a Los Angeles grower's internship program, it's personal. They want to push for medical cannabis to become an option for veterans with PTSD.<p>LOS ANGELES – In a featureless industrial warehouse in downtown Los Angeles, a group of military veterans …


Sarah Michelle Gellar And Selma Blair Reunited 18 Years After "Cruel Intentions" And It's Perfect

Yes, it's been 18 whole years since that iconic kiss.


17 Spine-Chilling Wikipedia Pages That Will Make You Never Want To Leave Your House Again

What was that noise?!?!<p><i>WARNING: Some images in this post are potentially disturbing. Continue at your own risk.</i>


OMG You Guys, The Season 3 Trailer For "Unreal" Has Been Released

The return of Queen Quinn!


The Cast Of "Halloweentown" Reunited And It Will Make You Feel Things

"Being normal is vastly overrated."

Walt Disney Company

Blac Chyna Claims The Kardashians Killed Her Reality TV Show Because Of The Rob Drama

Blac Chyna alleges the Kardashian's wanted to torpedo her reality TV show so she would no longer able to compete against them "as an entrepreneur and social media influencer."<p>Blac Chyna on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the entire Kardashian family, blaming them for the demise of her E! reality …

Blac Chyna

Here Is What The Cast Of "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Looks Like Then And Now

Just so you know, "last summer" was TWENTY YEARS AGO!


The Police State Of The Future Is Already Here

Far from the booming metropolis of Beijing, China is building a sprawling system that combines dystopian technology and human policing. “It’s a kind of frontline laboratory for surveillance.”<p>KASHGAR, China — This is a city where growing a beard can get you reported to the police. So can inviting …


It's Just Getting Worse For "Megyn Kelly Today"

The weak ratings for Kelly's show are affecting Kathie Lee and Hoda.<p>The trouble for <i>Megyn Kelly Today</i> and NBC News is getting worse.<p>From the start, <i>Megyn Kelly Today</i>'s Nielsen ratings have been down compared to the third hour of <i>Today</i>, which was cohosted by Al Roker and Tamron Hall last fall. Despite …


21 Photos That Prove 1999 Was The Greatest Year For "Star Wars" Fans

A long time ago (ahem, in 1999) in a galaxy far, far away...

Star Wars

Harvey Weinstein Recast Lead Role Because She Wasn't "Fuckable," Director Says

Michael Caton-Jones told BuzzFeed News that Weinstein eventually gave the role to Asia Argento, who alleges the movie mogul sexually assaulted her, starting at a French hotel in 1997.<p>Filmmaker Michael Caton-Jones told BuzzFeed News on Monday the real reason he was dropped from the 1998 cult classic</i> …

Harvey Weinstein