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15 TV Shows That Got Us Through This Terrible Year

The best television in a year that has sometimes felt like a cultural and political nightmare.


These Are The 11 Best Movies Of 2017

(According to me.)<p>Why wouldn't a year that has had no use for subtlety end with the Los Angeles area literally going up in flames? After all, Hollywood has been on fire, figuratively, since the Harvey Weinstein story broke in early October, and since long-tolerated toxicity in the industry has …

Bong Joon-ho

32 Pictures Of Henry Cavill From 2017 That Will Make You Go Weak At The Knees

The year of Cavill's facial hair tbqh.

Henry Cavill

10 Disease Outbreaks From 2017 You Really Need To Know About

This year was FULL of surprises. Some of them were disease outbreaks — including the plague (yes, the plague). Here’s what you need to know.<p><i>[Editor's note: The numbers listed reflect the most recent data available from the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention</i> …

Public Health

19 Burning Questions We Have After Watching "The Last Jedi"


Star Wars

17 Random Things Snoke Looked Like In "The Last Jedi"

No spoilers! Feel free to read if you haven't seen The Last Jedi.

Star Wars

19 People Who Are Thirsty AF For Kylo Ren And Need Jesus (or A Jedi) Now

Mild spoilers ahead.

Star Wars

Tyra Banks Spills The Tea On The Iconic "We Were All Rooting For You" Moment

"Oh my god totally, I wouldn't have done it," Tyra Banks said looking back at the iconic TV moment. "Actually, maybe I wouldn’t have aired it."<p>Banks said that she was "so proud" of Richardson's growth, but in the moment, acknowledged that the contestant probably was thinking the blow up was "some …

Tyra Banks

35 Times Privacy Was A Lie In 2017

The hacks, data breaches, uncanny smart devices, panoptical social media, and government surveillance that happened in a single year. Yay!!<p>This happens in a lot of little ways: feeling more comfortable letting a smart device into our home, giving more access to information about ourselves to social …

Dara Khosrowshahi

8 Criminally Underrated Moments In The "Star Wars" Movies

Because there's more than just "May the force be with you."

Star Wars

Theresa May Has Survived The First Phase Of Brexit Talks, But Now The Hard Bit Begins

“The negotiations are in London not in Brussels.”<p>BRUSSELS – The second phase of Brexit has officially begun. Following months of often gruelling negotiations and drama, the European Union’s remaining 27 member states took a few minutes to declare that progress was sufficient and agree the next set …


Is This A Hallmark Christmas Movie, Or Something I Just Made Up?

You read the plot descriptions, then guess if it's real or fake.

Canadian Humour

So, Here's The Deal With THAT Thing Leia Received In "The Last Jedi"

Never tell me the odds! Or...spoilers, in this case.

Star Wars

Dustin Hoffman Accused Of Exposing Himself To Teen Girls, Assaulting More Women

Three more women have come forward with new allegations of sexual misconduct against the Oscar-winning actor.<p>Dustin Hoffman faces more sexual misconduct allegations, including exposing himself to two teen girls years ago in New York, from five women whose stories were published by Variety and the …

Dustin Hoffman

Here's What The Emotional Final Scene Of "The Crown" Means

Goddamnit, Philip.

Claire Foy

The "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3" Trailer Is Here And Now I'm Gayer Than Ever

Is it January yet?

RuPaul's Drag Race

LGBT Movies From 2017 You Need To See

2017 was mostly bad. Lots of great queer movies, though!<p><b>Even though 2017</b> has been almost universally shitty for everything else, it’s been a great year for queer movies.<p>Back in February — following the Oscars flub of the century — we celebrated the Best Picture triumph of <i>Moonlight</i>, Barry Jenkins’ …

Armie Hammer

Reminder: We Still Have Jeff Goldblum

The actor’s specific alchemical charm was a balm for our woes this year.<p><b>The understanding is,</b> since we are guaranteed nothing, every day is a gift. If we are lucky, we get to advance to old age. And if we are <i>truly</i> in the lap of the Maker, we get to age like Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum.<p>There is no man …

Jeff Goldblum

Turkey Will Ask The UN To Void Trump's Recognition Of Jerusalem As Israel's Capital

However, despite real anger at Trump's decision, the move is likely to be little more than diplomatic trolling.<p>Turkey will ask the United Nations to void President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, it announced on Friday, likely to amount to little more than posturing.<p>President …


This Girl Is Tearing Down Her Country's Rules About Sex

Catherine V. Harry is only 23, but she's already famous for tackling topics, from female virginity to menstruation, that most people in Cambodia won't touch.<p>View this post on Facebook<p>View this post on Facebook<p>View this post on Facebook<p>View this post on Facebook


Retake Quiz

"I hope you know what you’re doing."

Walt Disney Company

Only Read These 18 Tweets about Pixar Movies If You're Ready To Ruin Your Childhood


Walt Disney Company

Here’s What The Disney/Fox Merger Could Mean For Fans

Movies, TV, streaming services, and even superheroes will all be affected if the deal goes through.<p>The proposed merger between Disney and 21st Century Fox announced Thursday is a behemoth of a deal that has the potential to vastly reshape the entertainment industry as we know it.<p>Here are some …


Another Russian Hacker Claims He's The One Who Hacked The DNC

Konstantin Kozlovskiy's purported confession in a Russian court has triggered skepticism among experts.<p>A Russian hacker issued a stunning confession in a Moscow courtroom earlier this year, claiming that he hacked the Democratic National Committee on orders from the FSB, according to a courtroom …


People Want To Know If Disney's Purchase Of 21st Century Fox Means That "Anastasia" Is A Disney Movie

The Disney Princess we deserve.


The FCC Chief Appeared In A Net Neutrality Video That Includes A Woman Who Pushed The Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory

Even Reddit hated the video.<p>Pai campaigned to repeal an Obama-era policy on net neutrality, which prevents internet service providers from controlling the speed at which some websites load.<p>Repealing net neutrality — which the FCC voted to do earlier today — is widely seen as good for corporations …

Net Neutrality

A Veterans Group Is Suing The Trump Administration Over Failed Raids In Yemen And Niger

The group has asked for documents laying out the Trump administration's response to two raids that ended with the deaths of five US service members.<p>WASHINGTON – Charging that the Trump administration has made “delayed, unclear and contradictory public statements” about deadly military operations in …

Donald Trump

Facebook Is Testing A Way To Easily Switch Between Multiple Accounts

Facebook confirmed to BuzzFeed News it's testing a feature that would allow multiple people to quickly toggle between accounts.<p>Facebook is testing a feature that would give its users the ability easily switch between accounts on the same computer.<p>The test, which prompts users to add an account, …


The "Ocean's 8" Poster Is Here, And Someone Help Me, My Body Isn't Ready

"Every con has its pros."

Pop Culture

The Government Just Voted To Completely Screw Up The Internet As You Know It

Internet: [GURGLING DYING SOUND]<p>The Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal Obama-era regulations protecting net neutrality — rules that prohibit internet service providers from slowing websites or charging premiums for "fast lanes" for specific services or higher-quality streaming. On …

Net Neutrality