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Here’s A Sneak Peek At The "Boy Meets World" Reunion In The "Girl Meets World" Series Finale

So much is happening!<p>On Friday, Jan. 20, the Disney Channel will air its very last episode of <i>Girl Meets World</i>.<p>The network canceled the show early in January, making the Season 3 finale, “Girl Meets Goodbye,” the series finale.<p>Even though the show is coming to a close, <i>GMW</i> will still have one last <i>Boy</i> …


If You Can Get 10/10 On This Quiz, You Must Work At Dunder-Mifflin

Dwight Schrute could probably ace this quiz. Can you?

Black Leaders Worry They Won’t Have A Seat At The Table

Civil rights organizations are trying to advance agendas that are in some cases squarely opposed to Donald Trump’s stated policy priorities. After years of White House access, established organizations and prominent activists are grappling with the next move.<p>Three months after the National Urban …

Civil Rights

If You Get 18/20 On This Harry Potter Spelling Test, You’re Hermione

Stupefy or Stupify?

CEOs: Worried About Nationalism, Less Worried About Their Ability To Make Money

An annual survey of chief executives shows that despite global upheaval, more expect to grow their revenues in 2017.<p>As the world’s elite settle into a snowy, icy week of panels and cocktail parties in Davos, they’ll have a lot to worry about: a nationalist wave is upending the global system. …


India’s Supreme Court Wants To Know How WhatsApp Users’ Privacy Will Be Protected

It has given the country’s federal government, telecom regulator, and Facebook, two weeks to respond to a petition that asks for a privacy policy to be framed for social media networks like Facebook and WhatsApp.<p>India’s Supreme Court wants to know what the government, regulators, and Facebook are …


21 Things Draco Malfoy Has Definitely Said

Draco Malfoy and the Time Harry Kissed Cho So I Told Umbridge About His Club.

J. K. Rowling

Before The Gold Rush: How Angelo Donghia Tried (And Failed) To Make Trump Tower Tasteful

In the early ’80s, when he was a rising real estate mogul with dreams of being accepted into Manhattan high society, Donald Trump hired superstar decorator Angelo Donghia to turn his massive new midtown triplex into a tastefully appointed showcase of class and taste. You will absolutely believe …

Republican Party

11 Crucial Things We Learned From Donald Trump’s Interview With Michael Gove

The president-elect has given an interview to Michael Gove for The Times – here’s what you need to know.<p>1. Donald Trump backs the idea of a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK.<p>“I think Brexit is going to end up being a great thing,” declared Trump, before talking in general terms about his …

Republican Party

4 Dead As Gunman Opens Fire At Mexican Music Festival

DJs and revellers at the BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen posted footage and images of scenes of panic on social media. Organizers confirmed that 12 people had been wounded.<p>Four people died and 12 were wounded after a shooter opened fire on a club during the closing night of the BPM Music Festival …


Trump Praises Brexit, Predicts More Countries Will Leave EU

In a joint interview with the UK’s Sunday Times and Germany’s Bild, Donald Trump bashed NATO as well as Angela Merkel’s handling of the refugee crisis.<p>President-elect Donald Trump threw into question mainstays of the US’ policy toward Europe, criticizing NATO, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and …


Are Your YA Book Opinions Like Everyone Else’s?

Do your choices align with everyone else’s?

Just A Reminder That "Family Guy" Is Hilarious

“Pretend I’m your child, Lois! NOT MEG!”<p>1. When Peter misunderstood.<p>2. When the show accurately summed up how male friendships start.<p>3. When Stewie picked the wrong door.<p>4. When the newspaper got meta.<p>5. And when Peter and Homer got REALLY meta.<p>6. Pretty much anytime Mayor West spoke, but …


Sometimes "The Young Pope" Really Feels Like It’s About Trump

Because what doesn’t feel like it’s about Trump, tbh.<p>Thousands more people witnessed the glorious bloom of <i>The Young Pope</i> memes across Twitter this month than will probably ever watch the show. Why would they? The Jude Law-starring HBO satire about the internal workings of the Vatican isn’t the kind …

Pope Francis

Which Of These Harry Potter Things Has To Go?

This is harder than Wizard’s Chess.

How To Get People To Murder Each Other Through Fake News And Facebook

In South Sudan, a country where the vast majority of people lack internet access, fake news and hateful speech leap from Facebook to the real word — with possibly deadly consequences.<p>JUBA, South Sudan — While Americans grapple with the impact of fake news on the election of Donald Trump, in South …


19 Things Every New Runner Can Expect

The good, the bad, and the mid-run diarrhea.<p>1. Your first few runs will feel pretty tough.<p>Some things you might feel the first time you run:<p>• Tired legs<br>• Tired lungs<br>• Extreme self-consciousness<br>• Loss of will to live<p>Don’t worry; running won’t be this hard forever. As your body gets used it, it’ll …


28 Actually Helpful Tips For Dealing With Skin-Picking

Genius strategies from people who deal with it.<p>We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they deal with skin-picking compulsions.<p>Excoriation (also known as dermatillomania) is a disorder that causes people to repetitively touch, rub, scratch, pick at, or dig into their skin …

Skin Care

Help Us Map Trump’s Global Businesses And Associates

We logged more than 1,500 people and organizations connected to the incoming administration. Now we want your help to understand them and to add more.<p>No American president has taken office with a giant network of businesses, investments, and corporate connections like that amassed by Donald J. …


Ryan Gosling Watched Footage Of Himself Dancing As A Kid And It Will Melt Your Heart

Preteen Ryan Gosling + shiny silver Hammer pants = everything.<p>Graham Norton recently made Ryan Gosling watch some footage of his younger self dancing in a recital, and it’s a dream come true.<p>Graham talked about guests Ben Affleck, Sienna Miller, Emma Stone, and Ryan Gosling’s early careers, and …


Facebook Is Expanding Its Program To Fight Fake News Into Germany

The social network is under legal and political pressure in Germany to stop misinformation from spreading on its platform.<p>Facing pressure from lawmakers and a pending court hearing over the spread of fake news in Germany, Facebook on Sunday announced an initiative to fight fake news in that country.<p>…


More Black Lawmakers Are Considering Boycotting Trump’s Inauguration

But the Congressional Black Caucus has not formally discussed boycotting as a group, sources told BuzzFeed News.<p>WASHINGTON — Rep. John Lewis and other Democrats are refusing to attend President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration — and more black lawmakers could be joining them.<p>Members are …

Black Culture

Watch This Diver Impale A Shark With A Speargun Just As It’s About To Bite Him

The spear fisherman was diving off Australia when a bull shark suddenly came up out of the depths, mouth open. Quick action may have saved his life.<p>Spear fisher Danny Henricks was in the water off Australia’s north Queensland coast when he saw something emerge from the depths.<p>A BULL SHARK. And it …

Scuba Diving

Three Times As Many Bus Permits Have Been Requested For The Women’s March Than For Inauguration

For the inauguration, 393 of 1,200 bus parking spots have been filled. For the Women’s March on Washington, they’ve already exceeded capacity.<p>Three times as many bus parking permits have been requested for the Women’s March on Washington, DC, than for President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, …

Homeland Security

18 Hilariously Funny Moments From “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

“And what sound does an Arctic Tern make?” “BACKSTREET BOYS!”<p>1. When Ryan and Colin came up with the worst musical ever.<p>2. When an audience member just totally burned Colin.<p>3. When Ryan nailed it.<p>4. When Brad worked some TV magic.<p>5. When Ryan’s etiquette was lacking.<p>6. When nobody had to say …


Democrats Grilled The FBI Director On Clinton And Weiner Investigations

Comey was grilled by Democratic lawmakers in closed-door intelligence briefings regarding a letter he sent less than two weeks before the presidential election to Congress informing them about a new review into Hillary Clinton’s emails.<p>WASHINGTON — Behind closed doors this week, Democratic …

A Legal Fight In New York Could Cause Big Headaches For Uber

A disputed workers’ compensation claim could end with Uber being declared the legal employer of its on-demand workforce.<p>A dispute in New York could have far-reaching implications for how Uber treats its on-demand workforce — namely, whether the company is legally responsible for people injured on …


Dylann Roof Is An American Problem

The Charleston church shooter needs his sense of control, just as America needs to believe the death penalty provides a form of absolution.<p><b>He sought no</b> forgiveness, and asked for no mercy, and on a chilly January afternoon in Charleston, South Carolina, he was sentenced to death.<p>Roughly 18 months …

Death Penalty

Here’s Why Trump’s “Great Wall” On The US-Mexico Border Is Basically A Pipe Dream

Facing a price tag into the billions and a defiant Mexico, a brick-and-mortar wall is highly unlikely to become reality, but supporters told BuzzFeed News they’d still be happy with some form of barrier.<p><b>From the day Donald Trump announced his candidacy,</b> his vow to build a “great wall” along the …

Republican Party

Only A Nutrition Expert Can Pass This Food Quiz

Food is so delicious but WTF even is it?