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ZfEL Ep. 36: How to Live with the Spirit of Zen in Your Everyday Life

ZfEL Ep. 34: Guided Meditation - Being in Your Meditation Space (Special Meditation for Everyday Life Guided Meditation Episode)

ZfEL Ep. 35: Guided Meditation - Mindful Smiling


ZfEL Ep. 32: Special Episode: Meditation for Everyday Life Video Series

ZfEL Ep. 33: Guided Meditation - Mindful Eating


11 Ways to Make Meditation a Daily Habit

While not quite “mainstream”, over the past 30 years in the West, meditation has quickly begun to shift from being perceived as some “woowoo” …

Benefits of Mindfulness


ZfEL Ep. 31: Guided Meditation - Mindful Walking

ZfEL Ep. 30: 11 Things to Know When You're Having a Bad Day


ZfEL Ep. 29: Guided Meditation - Mindfulness Meditation / Mindful Breathing


ZfEL Ep. 28: How to Take Your Mindfulness Meditation Practice to the Next Level

Same same but different: Vesak Day in S'pore's Buddhist temples

<b>by Cindy Co</b><p>ACCORDING to a 2010 census report, about 33.3 per cent of all Singaporeans aged 15 and above are Buddhists; slightly over a million …


101 Inspiring Mindfulness Quotes to Live By

“Living 24 hours with mindfulness is more worthwhile than living 100 years without it.”– The BuddhaMindfulness practice , at its foundation, is …

Zen pioneer Zenkei Blanche Hartman Roshi dies - Lion's Roar

Zenkei Blanche Hartman. Photo by Alan Senauke.<p>Zenkei Blanche Hartman, Senior Dharma Teacher of San Francisco Zen Center, has died. [<b>Note</b>: this post …

San Francisco

10 Easy Ways to Start Being Mindful Today

Over the past 30 years, the practice of mindfulness meditation (mostly a secularized version originating from Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based …

ZfEL Ep. 27: Guided Meditation - Mindful Driving

ZfEL Ep. 26: The Story of Frederick (Or: Why Tomorrow is Too Late)

How to Reaffirm Your Meditation Practice and Get Back Up When You Fail

When you commit to meditation practice, you begin on the path towards self-discovery.<b>And along this path you’ll experience dozens of “little defeats”</b> …

How Keeping a Mindful Journal Can Bring You Calm and Clarity

For a little over one year, I kept a journal. At the time, I had been practicing mindfulness for a while and figured keeping a journal could be a …

ZfEL Ep. 25: Guided Meditation - Mindfulness of Body / Mindfulness Body Scan

ZfEL Ep. 24: The Buddha’s First Establishment of Mindfulness: Mindfulness of Body

5 Easy Meditation Techniques for Beginners (and How to Know Where to Start)

Years ago, meditation and mindfulness practice changed my life in ways I had never imagined were possible.I’m not talking about increased …

This Moment Audiobook Now Available! (Sample)


Lion's Roar

There may be no good or evil in absolute reality, but in the relative world there certainly is. When people do such terrible things, can we really …


Buddhism's Diamond Sutra: The Extraordinary Discovery Of The World's Oldest Book

Ask people to name the world's oldest printed book and the common reply is Gutenberg's Bible. Few venture that the answer is a revered Buddhist text called the Diamond Sutra, printed in 868 A.D. Or that by the time Gutenberg got ink on his fingers nearly 600 years later -- and his revolutionary …

ZfEL Ep. 23: Guided Meditation - Mindful Cleaning


ZfEL Ep. 22: 3 Keys to a Fulfilling Life Discovered from the Top Regrets of the Dying

How to Do a Mindful Retreat (in Your Own Backyard)

I can’t speak for elsewhere, but in the West, we’re pretty bad at resting our mind and body (hence, our interest in meditation). Whether it’s a …

Leading neuroscientists and Buddhists agree: “Consciousness is everywhere" - Lion's Roar

Neuroscientist Christof Koch discusses scientific theories of consciousness with the Dalai Lama.<p>New theories in neuroscience suggest consciousness is …


ZfEL Ep. 21: Guided Meditation - Mindful Walking / Walking Meditation