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Five Books That Will Actually Change Your Outlook On Life

The world of books is truly fascinating. They can make you laugh, cry, shudder, even take you on countless adventures in faraway lands. And then there are some books that shape you by broadening your perspective and making you ponder — the ones that stay with you forever.<p>Looking for book …


Aquarius Rising

In Search of the Lost Chord: 1967 and the Hippie Idea<p>by Danny Goldberg<p>Akashic, 360 pp., $16.95 (paper)<p>New Reformation: Notes of a Neolithic …

Public Policy

5 Inspiring Books That May Change Your Thinking About Life

Books are my guilty pleasure.<p>I should be working but I am reading.<p>I should be sleeping but I am still reading.<p>I should be exercising but I have been …


How feelings took over the world

Telling people to keep emotions in check and bow down before their more rational superiors isn't an effective message<p>Some feelings have greater political potency than others. Feelings of nostalgia, resentment, anger and fear have disrupted the status quo<p>The spread of post-traumatic stress disorder …

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Just Behind the Beat

This past weekend, when the great jazz pianist Randy Weston died at 92, the online and media reaction was barely noticeable. That stood in sharp …

Kendrick Lamar

What Really Matters? An Interview with Rebecca Goldstein

<i>Raised in a Jewish Orthodox family, philosopher and novelist Rebecca Goldstein gave up on the idea of God in her teenage years, after she read</i> …

Guantánamo Mixtape: This Would Be the Soundtrack to Hell

Advocates for prison reform have lobbied actively for the elimination of solitary confinement lasting more than 15 days in American prisons. …

Britney Spears

Musical pleasures

We know music is pleasurable, the question is why? Many answers have been proposed: perhaps none are quite right<i>By Roger Mathew Grant</i>Read at Aeon

Our 7 Favorite Man Booker Prize Winning Books

The Man Booker Prize was established in 1969 and, for nearly fifty years, has honored the best of the best English language novels. Being the readers …


What We Know About Art and the Mind

In 1961, Piero Manzoni created his most famous art work—ninety small, sealed tins, titled “Artist’s Shit.” Its creation was said to be prompted by Manzoni’s father, who owned a canning factory, telling his son, “Your work is shit.” Manzoni intended “Artist’s Shit” in part as a commentary on …

Political Science

The Women of Impressionism

Barry SchwabskyMary Cassatt, Elizabeth Nourse, Berthe Morisot, and Rosa Bonheur were as central to Impressionism’s shifting and often contradictory …


31 Podcasts For Every Type Of Book Lover

Podcasts: books for your ears!

Comic Books

Jordan Peterson is too negative about Western morality

Jonathan Sacks’ radio series Morality in the 21st Century is a useful introduction to the subject, with some good contributions from world-renowned experts, but it’s rather one-sided. Almost all of these world-renowned experts (such as Jordan Peterson, Robert Putnam, David Brooks) share his …


Ashkenazic Jews' mysterious origins unravelled by scientists thanks to ancient DNA

Where do the Jewish people come from? This is a question that anthopologists, historians and theologists have studied for millennia.<p>According to …

Black Sea

Uncovering ancient Ashkenaz – the birthplace of Yiddish speakers

At 1,000 years, the search for the location of Ashkenaz – thought to be the birthplace of Ashkanazic Jews and the Yiddish language – is one of the …

13 Things You Should Never Say to an Author!

Being a writer is a lot harder than most people think. The same holds true for most jobs that fall into the art world. We all love to admire art and …


The real reason Bob Woodward's book is so damaging for Trump

<b>(CNN) —</b> Bob Woodward's new book -- "Fear: Trump in the White House" -- exploded onto the political scene on Tuesday morning. It included anecdotes like: President Donald Trump's aides purposely keeping information from him in order to protect the country; a failed mock-interview in preparation for …

The White House

Episode 12: Wynton Marsalis on Jazz, Time, and America - Sean Carroll

Jazz occupies a special place in the American cultural landscape. It’s played in elegant concert halls and run-down bars, and can feature esoteric …


Three post-war liberals strove to establish the meaning of freedom

ONE definition of a liberal is a person who supports individual rights and opposes arbitrary power. But that does not tell you which rights matter. …

Long-form Journalism

Russia dismisses Trump's warning over expected Syria offensive

<b>WASHINGTON</b> -- U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday warned Syria against launching an attack on the country's last rebel stronghold with the help of …

Middle East

On going on and on and on

The fantasy of living forever is just a fig leaf for the fear of death – and comes at great personal cost<i>By Paul Sagar</i>Read at Aeon

Long-form Journalism

Prince - Jazz Funk Sessions 1977 (Instrumental)

The Secret History of One Hundred Years of Solitude

A half-century ago, Gabriel García Márquez, after yet another visit to the pawnshop, sent his now signature novel to his publisher. As Solitude turns 50, Paul Elie interviews Gabo’s longtime agent—just weeks before her death, at 85—and discovers the events that led to a literary revelation.<p>The …

The limits of reason: Philip Pullman on why we believe in magic

Trying to understand superstition rationally is like trying to pick up something made of wood by using a magnet<p>A new exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford brings together a multitude of objects and artworks – there’s a “poppet” or rag doll with a stiletto stuck through its face, an amulet …

Can we choose our own identity?

Until the mid 20th century nobody asking about a person’s identity would have mentioned race, sex, class, region or religion<p>If you don't like the shape your identity has taken, you have to work with others inside and outside the labelled group to reframe it<p>Privilege is not something an individual …

Rachel Dolezal

He Blinded Me with Science

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A Culture of Knowingness: On Jordan Peterson's Cultured Despisers

<i>Andrew Gleeson is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Flinders University, Adelaide. He is the author of A Frightening Love: Recasting the Problem of</i> …

Jordan Peterson

Why Nietzsche has once again become an inspiration to the far-right

The philosopher was appropriated by the Nazis and now influences the alt-right. Is he doomed to be abused and misunderstood?<p>Asked who the most …

Friedrich Nietzsche

Huntington’s Legacy

<i>The first in a series of three essays celebrating the 25th anniversary of the publication of Samuel Huntington’s</i> The Clash of Civilizations<i>. Other</i> …

Political Science