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Professor's work in repairing spinal cord injuries nothing to sniff at

Turns out the key to restoring spinal cord injuries lives in your nose, says a guest speaker at the World Science Festival in Brisbane.


Your fat may be able to act as embryonic stem cells, researchers suggest

Researchers based at the University of California, Los Angeles announced today that they’ve found an abundant, cheap, easy-to-obtain source of stem cells that could prove to be ideal for regenerating all the basic tissue types of the human body.<p>That source is adipose tissue, or fat.<p>Stem cells were …

Los Angeles

Solar power’s greatest challenge was discovered 10 years ago. It looks like a duck.

A researcher discusses the “duck curve” he helped discover.<p>Back in 2008, a group of researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) noticed a funny-looking shape in their modeling.<p>They were starting to take solar photovoltaic (PV) panels seriously, running projections of what might …

Renewable Energy

the burger friday: canvas project combines classic paintings and burgers

<b>brazilian artist gabriel nardelli araujo combines classic art with modern life by adding unusual elements to paintings.</b> the artist’s spin-off series …


A Volcanic Explosion 1,000 Years Ago Was So Brutal, It Slayed Icelandic Gods

This could be the true story of Ragnarök.<p>The Sun starts to turn black. Land sinks into sea. Steam spurts up. Flame flies high against heaven …

University of Oxford

Gallery: Wondrous waves in Nikon's surf photography awards

The annual competition celebrates both the best single surf-themed photograph and the best surf video or film from the last twelve months. As seen in …


5:2 dieters lose weight 'quicker' and may have healthier hearts - new study

People on the part-time “5:2” diet lose weight more quickly and are more healthy than those undertaking a consistent, traditional diet, a new study suggests.<p>UK researchers found that 5:2 dieters were able to achieve at least five per cent of their weight-loss target within two months while enjoying …

Holistic Medicine

AD Round Up: Architecture of the Soviets

During the Soviet Union’s relatively brief and tumultuous history, the quest for national identity was one that consumed Russian culture. The …

yakiniku restaurant by ryoji iedokoro features cave-like interiors

feb 22, 2018<p>the architects are transforming the roof into a vegetable, herb, and fruit garden that will ensure the home's owners are food-independent.<p>…


18 Fantastic Permeable Facades

Recently, a new trend in architecture has emerged: Several of the latest projects highlighted by <i>ArchDaily</i>, including some winners in the Building of …


New Super-White Material Inspired By Eerily White Beetle

Scientists have engineered perhaps the whitest natural substance, using the same physics behind one ghostly white Southeast Asian beetle.

University of Cambridge

10 of Tel Aviv's best examples of Bauhaus residential architecture

Tel Aviv is home to one of the best-preserved collections of Bauhaus and International Style architecture in the world. Micha Gross from the Israeli …

Tel Aviv

adidas ‘Deerupt’—Its Minimal Yet Bold New Footwear Inspired By Architecture

adidas Originals’ grid design, once featured in its silhouettes from the 80s, has been revived and updated for one of its latest models called …


Nanowire-zapping lasers unlock micro-scale nuclear fusion efficiency record

Researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) have broken the efficiency record for nuclear fusion on the micro-scale. Using an ultra-fast, …


How to Focus in Landscape Photography

Focusing is one of the pillars of photography. If you don’t focus in the right place, at best, your photos won’t be as sharp as possible – and, at …

Landscape Photography

PUP Architects disguises a tiny house as a rooftop air duct

1/20<p>H-VAC by PUP Architecture. Copyright Jim Stephenson 2017.<p>PUP Architects disguised a dwelling as a rooftop air duct to bring attention to London’s …


Quantum Physicists Doubled the Information Speed Limit of the Universe

There's a limit to how fast information can move through the universe, just like there's a limit to how fast everything else can move through the …

Quantum Mechanics

Inside Outside House Built Around An Old Mango Tree In Indonesia

A strong connection between a house and its immediate surroundings is important. For that matter, context is important no matter the situation but …


These 8 Prefabs in Seattle Make Us Want to Move to the Emerald City

There's a reason why prefabs are becoming ever so popular in the booming northwestern corner of Seattle, Washington.


There's a Strange Reason Why Clocks Across Europe Are Running 6 Minutes Slow

A rift in space-time...?<p>Time is a strange thing. As Einstein said, it is a relative concept. He wasn't predicting a bizarre paradox to beset Future …


Jeweled Bracelet | Byzantine | The Met

These elaborately decorated bracelets have richly jeweled exteriors and finely detailed opus interrasile patterns on their interiors. The luminous …

Art Museums

Russian Vivian Maier Discovered After 30,000 Photos Found in Attic

She’s Leningrad’s lost photographer. Russian photographer Masha Ivashintsova (1942-2000) photographed constantly but never showed her work to anyone. …

Street Photography

Hubble Just Found a "Relic Galaxy," and It's Absolutely Stunning

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered a strange kind of galaxy surprisingly close to home.<p>A new study published Monday in <i>Nature</i> reports that …


Norsepower: Why European Ships Are Switching Back To Sails

There’s something strange happening in Europe’s €145bn shipping industry.<p>A technology from the 1920s is making a turbulent comeback, as tanker ships from global shipping giants like Maersk are once again embracing huge sails and wind power.<p>But not like you’ve ever seen before.<p><b>From horsepower to</b> …


Soft & Swirly


How to Raise Happy Kids: 10 Steps Backed by Science

<b>When you ask parents what they want for their kids, what’s usually the most common reply? They want their children to be</b> <b>happy</b><b>.</b><p>Via Raising Happiness: …


Drinking and training for a half marathon: When only wine will do

Usually, I’d be shuffling along dirt roads at the crack of dawn, past beef and sheep farms, and cursing the occasional passing car that kicks up a …

Wind Power

This wooden home can withstand a Category 3 hurricane and be assembled in 2 days

T ropical storms are becoming more common along the Dutch Coast When winds are particularly strong, they can wreak havoc on homes and other structures.<p>In preparation for future storms, local firm Borren Staalenhoef Architecten BV bna designed a house that can resist Category 3 hurricanes. The …


Anatolia's archeological treasures

From the Romans to Byzantines to Ottomans and everyone in between, the Anatolian peninsula contains the legacies of a number of empires.


Back Country House / LTD Architectural Design Studio

<i>Text description provided by the architects.</i> Located on a secluded bush-clad site this house plays on the uniquely NZ typology of the back country …