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Your Guide to Home Fragrance

The ancient writings of Suetonius claim that Nero, Roman Emperor from 53-65 AD, routinely showered guests in his banquet hall with aromatic flowers …

Fun Date Ideas

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5 Ways Tea Can Make You Prettier for Your Wedding

Tea has been around for centuries, and it's not difficult to see why: This antioxidant-rich powerhouse has innumerable health benefits — including bona fide beautifying ones. To optimize its effectiveness, aim for three cups a day of loose leaf tea and *don't * nurse it. "Drink your tea within 20 …

Top 10 Romantic Gifts For Women

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Of course your friends want to be there for you during one of your biggest life events, but being a bridesmaid can be expensive. And remember: Your girls might be in multiple wedding parties! So before you draft up your bridesmaids to-do list and bachelorette party itinerary, complete with …

When Is the Best Time to Buy Winter Clothes on Sale?

The upcoming gift-giving season plus a round of parties and dinners you <i>know</i> would feel better with a new dress or blouse combine to mean we're probably going to be shopping sometime soon (it's inevitable for me and I'm comfortable admitting that to you guys). The kind<p>enablers folks over at …