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The Curiosity Rover Captures Stunning Color Images of Martian Buttes

Hold on to your buttes.<p>NASA's Curiosity rover has seen a lot of cool stuff since it pulled off its crazy landing on Mars in August 2012. It's journeyed over ancient streambeds and marveled at alien dunes. It's watched comets grace the Martian skies and the Sun set behind the planet's cratered …

Mars Rover

8 Things Successful People Do That Lazy People Don't

It all comes down to priorities.<p>Success is a game of habits. In itself, "success" is a relative term and so its "achievement" is fully dependent upon the habits you put into place that move you step by step toward the "end" you define for yourself.<p>To be "successful," it becomes a matter of the …


The Doomed Hitomi Telescope Had a Spectacular View of the Universe As It Died

It viewed a monster tangle of galaxies known as Perseus.<p>The Hitomi X-ray astronomy satellite, which met its untimely end in March, didn't die in vain. It turns out that, in the five weeks or so that it was alive and whole up in space, Hitomi managed to do some pretty amazing science.<p>The view it …


10 insights that can help you learn anything faster

But some people keep studying — and thinking — the same way all their lives without improving their methods.<p>Thankfully, cognitive science has taken a look at how people actually learn. The results are surprising and super helpful.


Psychologists Say Quick Showers Mean You’re Happy With Your Life

Dear Science: If humans are related to apes, why aren’t they evolving into us?

Dear Science: Why are there no hominins left on Earth? If evolution is ongoing and species are always changing and adapting, shouldn’t we see new …

99-Million-Year-Old Bird Wings Found Encased in Amber

Finding ancient bugs trapped in amber is a relatively common occurrence, but the recent discovery of two ancient bird wings fossilized in Burmese …

Forget smoothies, you need these fruits and herbs in your skincare

All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl, or, at the very least, her complexion. So leave it to Mother Nature to brighten things up. Here are her …

Alternative Medicine

100 Must-Read Books About Nature

The following list compiles books that deal with the natural world from many vantage points. I have broken them, loosely, into categories. If you are …


Europe's 28 best hidden seaside resorts

19 Recipes to Make the Most of Fresh Herbs

Whether you’ve got a plethora of fresh herbs on your hands because your herb garden is blooming, or you just wanted to try out that new recipe calling for tarragon and don’t know what to do with the rest, it’s a major bummer to see your greens go to waste. So make the best of those leftovers, try …

Ice Cream

7 Habits That May Actually Change The Brain, According To Science

The brain is by far our most precious organ–others are good, too, but they all pale in comparison to the mighty brain. Because the brain works so hard around the clock (even while we’re sleeping), it uses an extraordinary amount of energy, and requires a certain amount of nutritional support to …

The Brain

7 Foods That Help Erase Stretch Marks

It doesn’t matter if you’re thick or thin, stretch marks can grow on your body. If used correctly, food can be the gift that keeps on giving when it …

Skin Care

How To Be Happy: 12 Things You Should Do Today

To some, happiness always stays by their side. What makes happiness magical is that it can be anything or nothing.<p>If you know it well, it is …

Why Vitamin C May Be Your Most Powerful Skincare Aid

If New York's top plastic surgeon Gerald Imber swears by it, why shouldn't you? As the vitamin C skincare wave continues, our favorite potions that highlight the powerful stuff.

Skin Care

Global Beauty: The 10-step Korean skincare routine

Pack up your contour kits and highlighters – this season’s biggest beauty trend is glowing, luminous skin. If you’re past the age of 18, chances are …

8 Houseplants To Grow That Can Dramatically Improve Your Health

There are lots of species of houseplants that can benefit your health in different ways. And best of all, most of them are pretty easy to grow.

Humans and Neanderthals had sex a lot earlier than scientists thought

Some humans may have left Africa over 100,000 years ago<p>An analysis of the genome of a Siberian Neanderthal, published today in <i>Nature</i>, reveals for the first time that humans contributed DNA to the Neanderthal genome about 100,000 years ago; that's 50,000 years earlierthan the previous estimate. The …


Underwater photographer of the year 2016 winners – in pictures

Italian photographer Davide Lopresti has been named Underwater photographer of the year 2016 for his stunning seahorse image titled Gold. Showcasing some of the most breathtaking images captured beneath the depths in the UK and around the world, the annual competition receives thousands of entries …

Nature Photography

Birds of a feather: Stunning photos of budgies flocking to find water - Telegraph

Hyperrealistic "Double Exposure" Paintings Reflect How Social Media Makes Privacy Impossible

Armenian-born and New York-based painter Tigran Tsitoghdzyan creates stunning, large-scale portraits that are a haunting combination of the hyperrealism and surreality. His series, <i>Mirrors,</i> showcases a collection of faces covered by superimposed transparent layers of hands that modify and distract. …

Social Media

Nature Gets Surreal in Ellen Jewett’s Fantastic Sculptures

Wire octopi, seaweed turtles, and more come alive in the work of the self-taught sculptor.<p>At a shallow glance, nature might not seem so surreal. But a deep dive into the natural world, void of all human technology and earth-moving, reveals an incredibly intricate, dreamlike, and almost alien world. …

Oil & Gas Industry

If I'm Your Token Muslim Friend...

If I'm your token Muslim friend, here's what I need you to know. First and foremost, thank you for being such a good friend. I call you a good friend because you have every right to your opinion on what is going on in the world right now, and could easily denounce our friendship, but you didn't, …


Costa Rica's Green Energy Feat Shows Hope For The Planet

Green energy beacons continue to pop up around the world -- from a small Scandinavian island to a Japanese resort town to other first-world enclaves such as Burlington, Vermont. But one source of lessons and inspiration in the transition to renewable energy may come as a bit of a surprise: a …

Renewable Energy

Vincent Callebaut Imagines "Oceanscrapers" 3D Printed from Recycled Trash

Vincent Callebaut Architectures has envisioned a radical underwater colony for "climate change refugees" 3D printed from recycled materials taken …