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These ‘Professional’ Family Photos Are Going Viral Because OH MY GOD

These family photos must be seen to be believed<p>Having professional family photos taken can be an ordeal, but it’s basically a necessary one to …

50+ Funny Tweets By Curious Zelda That Will Instantly Make Your Day

Dogs on Twitter are pretty popular, but Zelda proves that cats deserve the same amount of attention. Her account on the social network has over 24K …

Legend of Zelda

21 Cats That Are The Epitome Of Cat

"OMG, this is so me." —A cat, reading this post


20-Minute Comfort Food Dinners To Make Every Night Of November

20 minutes to dinner bliss.

19 Pets In Halloween Costumes Who Really Just Want To Stay Home This Year

But, boy, do they look cute.<p><i>This post was translated from Spanish.</i>

This hallucinogenic honey is so prized that hunters scale cliffs and confront swarms of bees to get it

It's a long way up.<p>The journey to harvest hallucinogenic honey produced by Himalayan giant honey bees is far from easy. In eastern Nepal, select members of the Kulung people scale bamboo rope ladders up 300-foot cliffs to get it. They ward off swarms of the bees with smoke from burning grass, which …


The 50 Absolute Fattest Cats I Could Find For You

Because you're worth it.<p>H/T to /r/delightfullychubby and /r/catloaf

Deer Caught On Camera Engaging In Bizarre 'Slap Fight'

"You want a piece of me?"<p>Oh, deer.<p>A bizarre “slap fight” between two bucks in Tennessee is now getting lots of hits on the Internet.<p>This “Battle of the Bambis” was filmed earlier this week in Hardeman County, Tennessee, by Amy and Bubba Spencer, two trail officers for the Tennessee Wildlife …

Bear breaks into house, plays piano Video

Surveillance video shows a bear breaking into a house in Vail, Colorado, playing piano and stealing some food from the freezer before taking off.

8 Genetic Mutations That Can Give You 'Superpowers'

Why some humans have an edge.<p>More than 99 percent of your genetic information is exactly the same as every other person on the planet. Your genes …

17 Little Details Nobody Tells You About Living With A Cat

"My cats murdered my plant and danced on its grave."

24 Tumblr Posts Every Cat Owner Will Immediately Recognize

cat: *touches me with its small hand* me: *eyes tearing up* thank you

CatNani Robot Guards Your Countertops Against Your Cats

If your cat’s been copping an attitude around the house, cruising all over your countertops with that Simba strut, then you may have to choose the …

Loneliness may harm sleep quality for young adults

Money worries, stress, and drinking too much coffee - these are just some of the factors that can cause us to have a bad night's sleep. Now, a new …

The Brain

Yale dean placed on leave after 'white trash' comment Video

In one review, June Chu referred to clientele at a restaurant as "white trash."

This Snake Fight Makes No Sense

Watch two snakes duke it out with ostensibly no explanation.<p>While most of the terrible news these days tends to have something to do with politics, not all of it does. And unluckily for you, I'm here to tell you something horrifying. The snakes are fighting.<p>Snake fights aren't at all uncommon, but …

A young researcher could go to jail for sharing a scientific paper

If you've been following the case of Diego Gomez, you'll know the answer is much closer to yes than you might otherwise have imagined.<p>And if Gomez, whose multiyear legal battle is likely to reach a head later this month with a verdict expected on May 24, does land behind bars, the chilling effect …

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Coffee Shop Customer Delivers ‘Obnoxious’ Table Neighbors A Delicious Lesson

"I could see the waiters were really annoyed but you know with a job on the line they can’t do much."<p>Raise your morning cup of joe to this tasty act of petty revenge.<p>When recently faced with “loud and rude” people sitting next to him at a coffee shop in Paris, information security consultant Khalil …

Trump team demands steak and ketchup be served at meals in Saudi Arabia

One of the pleasures—indeed, the main pleasure—of traveling is to get outside the comfort zone you know and immerse yourself entirely in another …

Scottie the cat fell in love with the ‘girl next door’ and now they have a beautiful relationship

<b>A male cat named Scottie has finally won the love of his life over after spending weeks admiring her from afar.</b><p>Scottie fell in love with Sophie the …


Stranded Amtrak Passengers Order Pizza To Delayed Train

"Got hangry and problem solved."<p>An Amtrak train traveling from New York To Washington, D.C., was stuck on the tracks for hours on Sunday, prompting at least one passenger to think outside the box.<p>The train experienced technical difficulties during its route, leading it to stop and wait for a rescue …

Cat goes to groomer for a trim – but returns looking like a goblin wearing a cat mask

We’ve all had that moment in the hairdressers when we look in the mirror and think, ‘What have you done to my head, you swine?’<p>But a Persian cat …


Oregon cops issue "verbal warning" to armed cat in a tree

After receiving a report of a cat in a tree holding an assault rifle, the Newport Oregon Police Department attended the scene, and, after …

More than two thirds of cat owners are now men, study reveals

Man’s best friend has got some serious competition as new research reveals cats are stealing the hearts of more and more guys across the UK.<p>According …


Tiny house with private ‘bedroom’ offers minimalist chic

Bright and clean<p>Built by Canadian company Minimaliste Houses, this sleek tiny house on wheels in Québec is perfect for, well, minimalists. Named “Sakura” and first seen on Tiny House Swoon, the design is on the larger side of tiny homes and comes with a rooftop terrace.<p>Inside, everything is …


Artist Spends Hundreds of Hours Creating Photorealistic Pencil Drawings

Arinze Stanley is a talented young Nigerian artist whose works often leave people scratching their heads and asking themselves if they’re looking at …


Eckhaus Latta’s Spring 2017 Campaign Features Real Couples Having Sex

Eckhaus Latta definitely wins the award for most provocative spring 2017 fashion campaign: Shot by Korean photographer Heji Shin, the ads feature real couples having sex, half dressed in the brand’s clothes. While all eight of the couples featured in the spread are relatively young, its lineup of …

Dragonfly Wings Can Rip Apart Bacteria Without Antibiotics

We finally know why.<p>Special bacteria-killing surfaces constitute a highly active area of research and development. Strategies to construct them vary …

10 illustrations that sum up what life is like for introverts

Being an introvert in an extrovert world is hard.<p>When "friendly" is defined as outgoing and talkative, people who prefer to spend time alone or think through what they want to say before speaking often get left behind.<p>Maureen "Marzi" Wilson finally gives introverts their (somewhat reluctant) moment …


Empathy is crucial to being a good person, right? Think again

Some argue that, far from motivating pro-social behaviours, empathy can push us towards inaction at best and racism and violence at worst<p>Why do we flinch when we see someone hit their thumb with a hammer? Our intuitive tendency to feel what we imagine another person is feeling is called ‘emotional …