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Paraplegics Take a Step to Regain Movement

Eight people who have spent years paralyzed from spinal cord injuries have regained partial sensation and muscle control in their lower limbs after …

VR porn lends a hand. Masturbation will never be the same

The porn industry wants you to be part of the action.<p>"You're not going to buy a device that's just for porn. It's embarrassing."<p>Ian Paul, CIO of Naughty America<p>"People want a super-immersive experience, and I have no doubt we will see it."<p>Dan O'Brien, head of HTC VR


The Plight of the Over 50 Porn Star: Why Age Is Just a Number

Adult actresses are viewed as the height of sexiness, so what’s it like to be an aging woman in an industry that fetishizes teens and coeds?<p>In our …

Climbing On Mount Denali


Astonishing portraits you won't believe aren't photos

Updated 7th December 2016

North Korean defectors share their ordeals as pressure mounts

Starvation. Execution. Imprisonment. Rape. Torture.<p>In a human rights report, these can seem like distant concepts or dry statistics, but when told by the people who experience them first hand, they take on new meaning.<p>That is why U.S. officials invited two young North Korean defectors to address a …

Now I Know More: the revealing stories behind even more of the world's most interesting facts

Last year I reviewed Dan Lewis' book, Now I Know: The Revealing Stories Behind the World's Most Interesting Facts. Dan recently released a followup …