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Milagro Acustico, its main goal is to promote and spread the Mediterranean culture.​ The many CDs the group released in order to rouse the interest of the public opinion towards, e.g. , the Arabic Poets of Sicily- to which it dedicated three CDs, the last one is SICILIA ARABA (Cultural Bridge 2013), Omar Khayyam’s quatrains, the lines of two contemporary poets, i.e. the Turkish Nazim Hikmet and the Sicilian Ignazio Buttitta, testify the path covered.​ Thus continues, in a more institutional way, what the group itself is always aiming at: rediscover those pages of our culture which are less known or have been forgotten, cooperate with organizations, institutions and artists from all over the world in order to create a cultural bridge that connects the countries situated on the Mediterranean basin; work on its albums and live productions with musicians who live in the Middle East countries or migrate there, who otherwise wouldn’t have many chances to show their art outside their country.​ From this point of