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Medium 7

Welcome to the website <b>Metaphysics Research</b>. This site provides information about the scientific research that is being conducted to explore and …

Douglas Todd: Liberal Christianity — 10 things to know about this ‘middle way’

Print<p>Related<p>U.S. President Barack Obama is one. Liberal party head Justin Trudeau is another, as was his prime minister father, Pierre. The late NDP …

Spiritual | Wake Up World

January 31st, 2018 By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone Contributing writers for Wake Up World The energy of the current lunar cycle, which began …

Think Outside the Metaphysical Box

February 21, 2015<p>Thinking Outside the Metaphysical Box<p><b>by Allen Vaysberg</b><p>There is an old saying, “Once the student is ready, the master will appear.” I …


Mind Cannot Advance In Metaphysics Beyond Self-Deification

Pike again gets right to the point when he wrote, “Mind cannot advance in metaphysics beyond self-deification.” OK, lets breakdown this statement. …

Shifting Your Paradigm With Access Consciousness

December 18, 2015<p>Hosted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, Ph.D<p>[Download MP3] [itunes] [Bookmark Episode]<p>Guest Information<p>Gary Douglas<p>Dr. Dain Heer<p>Episode …

Metaphysics special: Is time an illusion?

WE ARE born. We die. We call the span that separates these events time. Its passage is perhaps the most fundamental feature of our human experience, …

Consciousness Is Made of Atoms, Too - Facts So Romantic

In his first lecture on physics to freshmen and sophomores at the California Institute of Technology, in 1961-62, Richard Feynman said:<i>If, in some</i> …


A Revolution In Reality Is Around The Corner

By Deepak Chopra, MD<p>Whether they think about it or not, people take sides about reality. The dividing line separating science from spirituality was crossed long ago, and it doesn't take a lesson in philosophy or theology to pick up a smartphone. Therefore, by default reality for everyone is …

Deepak Chopra

Why Should I Make The Effort?

Early on in my work with women, helping them live life with purpose and engagement, I was struck by how those who were in unhappy romantic relationships failed to make progress in pursuing their goals.<p>We would talk about dreams and aspirations, about motivation and practical steps, but our …


An Adaptogenic Tonic To Ease Cravings & Rev Up Metabolism

Have you ever noticed how, when you're under pressure, it gets harder to control cravings? We turn to sugar, stimulants, or anything else we can find …

7 reasons spending time in the sun is healthier than you think

It'll be the perfect time for days spent outdoors at the beach or pool, or for late afternoon grilling sessions.<p>And as we hear frequently, all that time in the sun comes with risks.<p>Getting too much sun is dangerous, and skin cancer is a very real risk for anyone who spends extended periods of time …

Prostate Cancer

Science Says The Seed Of Depression Is Hidden In Your Gut, Not Your Brain

The causes of depression were once thought to lie entirely in the mind. New research shows depression is a gut reaction

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