Besnik Zogaj

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Your busted.

Tori Ozuki, Transform.

You bastards.

Gori Ozuki, Transform.

That brat is trying to kill me? Haa?

Bori Ozuki, Transform.

Goran Otsuki, Transform.

Get back here you thief.

Marvellous, Transform.

Oi you.. hold it right here.

Voters, Transform.

I'm looking for a job OK.

Core, Transform.

Just grap one and GO.

Gore, Transform.

Thanks for explaining to me for a message

Cornwall, Transform.

Don't let him kill them.

Border, Transform.

Contact to our corps immediately.

Gordon, Transform.

Good luck and let your power to protect you.

Zordon, Transform.

Oh no he's in trouble.. Oh, big trouble! I going to tell Eldorado Number 1 very shortly. Eldorado Number 1, Bad news, his father say to him he's take him to hospital and that bastard that crazy doctor going to circumcise the boy's pee in 10 minutes.

Jordon Otsuki, Transform.

It's time for fighting crime and it's gat check time. You know I am going to say.. PAYBACK.

Gordon Otsuki, Transform.

For the lord of Shinto, the gods will watch you.

Kori Otsuki, Transform.