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House of M

• <b>Author:</b> Brian Michael Bendis & Olivier Coipel<p>The Avengers and the X-Men are faced with a common foe that becomes their greatest threat: Wanda Maximoff! The Scarlet Witch is out of control, and the fate of the entire world is in her hands. Will Magneto help his daughter or use her powers to his own …

Go, Jet Karate. Karate is might and fight.

Twin Brothers Karate Superheroes

1st twin evil twin brother.

2nd evil twin brother.

Smallville: Continuity (2014- ) #8

• <b>Author:</b> Bryan Q. Miller & Ig Guara<p>As the assembled heroes battle for their lives, one enemy’s only ally loses his fight.

When I was a superhero detective I found a newspaper ans0d see how dangerous, there a sad thing when they people get killed until he came in.


I'm a Greatest superhero in the whole world to the around the robot.

Lord of the Samurai.

Japanese Karate.

Lord Of Shogun

This is a true story.

Ninja Squad.

Ninja Squads

But cool but not good enough you evil villains. Ninja get them.

Ninja Team, Get them.

Narrator: This a championship of war of truthful, a war between good & evil until they'll win to victory. This Champion Of Hero VS Champion Of Evil are against to fight for all. For the courageous heroic leader JetKarate are not easily defeated.

Japanese Karate, Korean Taewondo, Thai Boxkicker. The world of martial arts superhero family who saves the universe. There's a Karate leader Called him Gloren a Humanoid Transformation Robot Human Master. In Mt.Fuji they do flying karate human, Jetpack, Fighting crime. And together they'll fight them against the forces of evil. The Hero of karate on the face statue, His name was JetKarate.

Korean Taekwondo.

Thai Boxkicking.

20th Century Fox

F-15 the same jet mode.

Robot to Jet Mode.

F-15 Jet Mode.

Robot Mode.