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Here's where to find us, and new RSS feeds to make it easier to keep up with the latest posts.<p>by Erika Engelhaupt<p>We're moving! Here's where to find us.<p>by Erika Engelhaupt<p>It’s about the astonishing partnerships between animals and microbes.<p>by Ed Yong<p>A surprising find helps explain how swordfish …

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Travelogue of An Armchair Traveller

The Old Town Hall (<i>Altes Rathaus</i>) of Bamberg, Germany not only has beautiful architecture but it is also unique as it has been built over two bridges.<p>…

The Kid Should See This

Experiments with super strong neodymium magnets and copper! These surprising demonstrations of magnetic damping go beyond the magnet through a copper …

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The 600-year-old document (pictured, left and right) is described as 'the world's most mysterious medieval text' but now a computer scientist, Greg …