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YouTuber 014london70 is back with another fun house track! Here he's jamming on his trio of Korg Volcas and a Novation Circuit. SunrizerXS is also in …

Mixtikl 7 - Generative Music Mixer

• <b>By:</b> Intermorphic Ltd.<p>Need royalty-free high quality soundscapes, fast? Then get Mixtikl and quickly make your own by mixing together many included …

Pandora has lost $253m already in 2016 in battle with Apple Music and Spotify

<b>Despite an increase in ad revenue and new services on the way, the streaming service continues to struggle against its rivals.</b><p><b>Pandora’s</b> accumulated …


Caramel - Crunch and Crusher Effects Processor

• <b>By:</b> Holderness Media<p>Caramel is a stereo distortion, crusher and fattener effect designed for Audiobus and Inter-App Audio. Caramel is perfect for …

KORG Gadget dnb Production Tricks │Part 2 Bass - haQ attaQ 183

Galileo Organ para iPad: simulador de órgão Hammond e caixa Leslie

Image-Line FL Studio Mobile 3 for Android now available

Image-Line has released FL Studio Mobile 3 on Android, a complete re-write of the mobile music making app.<p>FL Studio Mobile 2 development has …


Johnny - Multiwave Tremolo Effects Processor

• <b>By:</b> Holderness Media<p>Johnny is a highly versatile stereo multiwave tremolo effect designed for Audiobus and Inter-App Audio, perfect for adding …

Zed Synth

• <b>By:</b> Richard Meyer<p>Have fun making music and creating amazing & unique sounds with this powerful synthesiser for iPhone & iPad.<p>Zed Synth is easy to …


• <b>By:</b> KORG INC.<p>Korg’s ELECTRIBE·R has been coveted by dance musicians for ten years running. Today, this indispensable instrument has been reborn as a …

Beacons Reservoir

This Dad Brings His 6-Year-Old’s Drawings To Life

“Imagining a world in which kids’ drawings are real.”<p>Meet Tom Curtis. He takes his son Dom’s drawings and, with the help of some Photoshop, makes them spectacularly and hilariously real.<p>Curtis told BuzzFeed News that he was inspired to do the project because he has “always loved” his son’s …


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Surreal art by Peca

Surreal art by Peca


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Artists: Äbyz - KDS Crew - Detail



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