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shame on me, you fooled me twice



Here is why I got my Koi fish tattoo: the current of the river, it goes both ways, not just against where the koi is actually going. it is a shift between going against what was enforced to my in my roots and at the same time learning to go in the flow of my nature. that heavy feeling of reality vs. the light/ anti-gravity feeling of one accepting ones self. living in the water, but envisioning something far beyond that, like the unknown...which for the fish would equal to "earth, land, trees, flight", trying to swim up the river...not just fighting off the obstacles, but with that yearn for reaching a higher plain/dimension. a higher purpose. the dragon to me symbolizes in way leaving my 2-dimensional perception and entering a 3-dimensional not only see the forest, but to see the trees and vice versa...see the reality of awakening

I haven't worn these in forever ♡ ~('▽^人)

#Creepyyeha love ♡ ~should be getting my black frame bra soon eep!


Sleep Encounters

Sleep Encounters

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