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by Andreas Jorns interview

Enjoy this short interview with the inspiring Germany based photographer, Andreas Jorns and discover the passion and textures of his work…<br>See more at instagram.com/andreasjorns – facebook.com/andreas.jorns – www.ajorns.com<p><b>In a few words, tell us a little bit about yourself.</b><br>I am a people photographer based in Germany with a focus on portraits and fine art nude. In recent years, I have written two books about flash photography whereas currently, I am working on a new book about nude photography, …

Clara by Caroline Senecal

The natural beauty and charm of Clara captured by the talented France based photographer, Caroline Senecal, enjoy it!<p><b>Credits:</b><br>Photographer: Caroline Sénécal carolinesenecal.tumblr.com – caroline-senecal.blogspot.fr – instagram.com/calliesncl – Caroline Sénécal<br>Stylist: Marion Serreau instagram.com/freshbellymotorgirl<br>Model: Clara @VIP Model instagram.com/clarasentis

Mia Sol by Gabriele Rescaldani

Another chapter of this sexy and passionate series captured by the brilliant Italy based photographer, Gabriele Rescaldani, featuring beautiful Mia Sol. Enjoy!<p><b>Credits:</b><br>Model: Mia Sol<br>HMUA: Ilaria Ferrantello<br>Photographer: Gabriele Rescaldani www.geba.it/ph – facebook.com/gebazzz<p>See the 1st chapter here

Franziska ByTobias Ritz

Enjoy this full of passion and sensuality series shot by Dresden based artist Tobias Ritz!<br>Know more about his work at www.tobiasritz-photography.com - facebook.com/tobiasritz.photography<p>Model: Franziska P.

Pernillie by Martin Laugesen

This time, Martin presents us this sexy studio series featuring stunning Pernillie Marie Redke, enjoy it!<br>Know more about this talented Denmark based photographer at instagram.com/MartinLaugesenCom – MartinLaugesen.com

Estelle by Markus Fischer

The talented photographer based in Germany, Markus Fischer, returns to the magazine with these emotive portraits of lovely Estelle, enjoy!<p><b>Credits:</b><p>PHotographer: Markus Fischer facebook.com/markusfischerphotography – instagram.com/markusfischerphotography – markus-fischer.com<br>Model: Estelle Nowack facebook.com/estellenowackkunst – instagram.com/miss.nowack

Savannah by Alexander Tull

Beautiful model, Savannah Morrow, in this sexy and summer style series captured by the brilliant Sydney based photographer, Alexander Tull. Enjoy it!<br>See more at www.alexandertull.com – facebook.com/alex.tull – instagram.com/alexandertull

Alyssa J. Smith by Kai Bernstein

The charm and beauty of Alyssa J. Smith captured by the great Hamburg based photographer, Kai Bernstein, enjoy it!<p><b>Credits:</b> <br>Photographer: Kai Bernstein www.kaibernstein.de – instagram.com/kaibernstein<br>Model: Alyssa J. Smith instagram.com/alyssajulya

Jana Rocha by Rodrigo Zago

Gorgeous and sweet Brazil based model, Jana Rocha is back in the magazine with this lovely series captured by the talented Rodrigo Zago.<p>Stay tuned for the 2nd part!

Mandee by AJ Ragasa

Enjoy this sensual editorial shot by the talented Seattle based photographer, AJ Ragasa, featuring sexy Mandee West.<br>Know more about AJ at instagram.com/ajragasa – www.ca-ve.co<p>Model: Mandee West

Paris Call by Ryan Mckinnon

Beautiful Paris Call in another sexy series captured by the talented Ryan Mckinnon. Enjoy it!<p><b>Credits:</b>

Alma de Ace By Angel Ruiz

Beautiful and full of fun series shot in sunny Barcelona by talented Angel Ruiz capturing his models wearing Alma de Ace, enjoy!

Guðlaug by David Charlec

A nice talk with David Charlec, a brilliant Toronto based photographer who presents us this charming series featuring gorgeous Guðlaug Elísa, enjoy!<br>Know more about David at instagram.com/davidcharlec – davidcharlec.com<p><b>In a few words, tell us a little bit about yourself?</b><br>Hi, my name is David Charlec. I was born in France and I moved to Canada a couple of years ago. I’ve been a designer and a developer for about 15 years now.<p><b>How long have you been a photographer?</b><br>I started taking photography …

Andrielly by Max Kamolz

Stunning Andrielly Costa captured by the brilliant Austria based photographer, Max Kamolz, enjoy it!<p><b>Credits:</b><br>Photographer: Max Kamolz instagram.com/maxkamolz<br>Andrielly Costa instagram.com/dricauniverse<br>Agency: instagram.com/damodelmanagement<br>Bikini: instagram.com/lulifamaswimwear

Desiree Ronit by Felix Vollmer

The talented Germany based photographer, Felix Vollmer, presents us this sexy indoors editorial capturing the beauty of lovely Desiree Ronit, enjoy!<p>Know more about Felix at www.sensual-photography.de – www.girls-by-felixvollmer.tumblr.com – facebook.com/Sensual-Photography-569725549829141

Lara by Francisco Soberanis

The talented Mexico based photographer, Francisco Soberanis, is back in the magazine with this sexy and fancy studio series featuring gorgeous Lara, enjoy!

Diane Vulpine

Meet Diane Vulpine, a beautiful model based out of Italy and enjoy this short selection of her work.<br>See more at instagram.com/v.ulpine – facebook.com/dianevulpine – hellyesdianevulpine.tumblr.com<p><b>Pictures by:</b><br>Header: Wolf Hask / 1: Federico Venuda / 2 & 3: Stefano Bosso / 4 & 5: Tommy Antonini / 6: Wayt80

Mia Sol by Gabriele Rescaldani

An short interview with the brilliant Italy based photographer, Gabriele Rescaldani and the Chapter 1 of this sensual and stylish editorial starred by stunning Mia Sol. Enjoy it and stay tuned for the next chapter.<br>Know more about Gabriele at www.geba.it/ph – facebook.com/gebazzz<p><b>In a few words, tell us a little bit about yourself?</b><br>Hi, my name is Gabriele, I’m 35 and I live in Italy, Milan area. I work in computer graphics (3d, special fx, that sort of things…), that was my main interest in spare …

Joe by Atisha Paulson

Beautiful Joe captured by the talented Brooklyn based photographer, Atisha Paulson, enjoy it!<p><b>Credits:</b><p>Location: Brooklyn

Kayley by Brett Phillips

The talented Boston based photographer Brett Phillips is back in the magazine with this sexy and fancy video feturing lovely Kayley France, enjoy!

Beauty By Yoad Shejtman

Enjoy this spectacular series shot by Israeli photographer Yoad Shejtman, full of beautiful sun and sensuality.<p><b>Models:</b><br>Amit Drucker / Almog Mordehai / Noy Davidson / Meytal Solomon

by Alfonso Gavilan

Alfonso is back in the magazine with his fun and sexy summer style <i>“Flamingueo Pool Party”</i> editorial, enjoy it!<br>Know more about this talented Spain based photographer at instagram.com/alfonphotozine – facebook.com/alfonsogavilanfotografia

Deby by Daniele Faccioli

Daniele is back in the magazine with this sensual black and white editorial starred by gorgeous Deby, enjoy it!<p>Know more about this great Verona based photographer at daniele-faccioli.tumblr.com – 500px.com/danielefaccioli

Annie Ericson interview

A nice talk with the stunning Cape Town based model, Annie Ericson and a short selection of her sexy and stylish pictures.<br>Know more about her work at instagram.com/annieericson – annieericson.com<p><b>How would you describe yourself in a few words?</b><br>I would describe myself as a very easy going, happy person. At least, I try to be haha!<p><b>How long have you been a model?</b><br>I became interested in modeling as a young girl thanks to my mother, she did modeling as well and I have always looked up to her. However, …

Kirstine by Martin Laugesen

Enjoy this bright, sexy and stylish series shot by the brilliant Denmark based photographer, Martin Laugesen, featuring stunning Kirstine Richter.<p><b>Credits:</b><br>Photographer: Martin Laugesen instagram.com/MartinLaugesenCom – MartinLaugesen.com<br>Model: Kirstine Richter instagram.com/kirstinerichter

Nicola by Max Kamolz

Meet Max Kamolz, a skilful photographer currently based in Salzburg, Austria, who presents us this sexy outdoors series capturing the beauty and lovely expressions of Nicola, enjoy!<br>Know more about Max at instagram.com/maxkamolz<p><b>Credits:</b><br>Model: Nicola Tila du Plessis instagram.com/angeltila<br>Agency: Ice Models Cape Town instagram.com/icemodelscpt<br>Retouching: Bettina Watzinger instagram.com/Bettina Watzinger

by Peter Sebastian interview

A short talk with the inspiring Denmark based photographer, Peter Sebastian and one of his fantastic series. Enjoy!<br>Know more about his work at behance.net/petersebastian<p><b>In a few words, tell us a little bit about yourself?</b><br>Educated as photographer in Denmark, Masters Degree in Photography/London. Still life photographer in many years … changed focus - to fashion and people photographer in 1992.. travelled the world for many years - Shooting fashion. Lived in Paris, London, Vicenza and in …

por Xenia Lau entrevista

Una entrevista a la genial Xenia Lau, fotógrafa con base en España, quien nos presenta un avance de su serie “Phototropism”, una encantadora mezcla de belleza, passion y emociones.<br>Mas acerca de Xenia en instagram.com/xenia_lf – facebook.com/xenia.xlf – 500px.com/xenialf<p><b>En pocas palabras, como te describirias?</b><br>Nací en Ibiza en 1992, una pequeña y brillante isla. Hasta los 6 años, crecí en una casa de artistas, mis padres se ganaban la vida pintando cuadros y camisetas, y eso me hizo tener un …

Jana Löwe interview

A nice talk with the gorgeous Germany based model, Jana Löwe and this fancy series captured by the talented Savas Cetin, enjoy!<br>Know more about Jana at instagram.com/jana.lwe<p><b>How would you describe yourself in a few words?</b> <br>In a few words I would describe myself as a open-minded, very kind and curious person. I’m also very thoughtful and I wish I could care less sometimes.<p><b>How long have you been a model?</b> <br>I started modelling some years ago. I can’t really remember when it all started. I guess I had …

Ann-Sophie by Michael Colella

A genuine beauty and charm…gorgeous Germany based model, Ann-Sophie, captured by the talented Michael Colella, enjoy!<br>Know more about Ann-Sophie at instagram.com/sophieannsun