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Jiu Jitsu Legacy

Handful of BJJ chokes using the gi. <br>📽 credit @harrietslym

Jiu Jitsu Legacy

No training partner, no problem! Find an excuse to train, rather than an excuse not to! 📽 credit @royalmarinesjiujitsu

Tom DeBlass

I told you all I would give you a video with some kimura attacks from half guard because I am so thankful for all of my birthday wishes, and here you …

Jiu Jitsu Legacy

Jiu Jitsu Legacy

Solo Drills for Grappling & Functional Mobility - Jiu Jitsu Legacy – Brazilian jiu jitsu advices

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Jiu-Jitsu Escapes | 5 Ways Out of The Mount

Kettlebell Meltdown 300 Workout


Jiu Jitsu Legacy

Time to work the Tiger Routine one of Ribeiro Jiu Jitsu trademark routines <br>📽 credit @xanderibeirojj

Kevin Mans

Lion Heart Jiu Jitsu Academy

<b>Lion Heart Jiu Jitsu Academy is on Facebook.</b> To connect with Lion Heart Jiu Jitsu Academy, log into Facebook.

Jiu Jitsu Legacy

Jiu Jitsu Legacy

Do you love to drill with a bag, is it helpful for you? <br>📽 credit @tamas.csoka

Jiu Jitsu Legacy

100% sweep to the truck and all the possible submissions from the truck! <br>📽 credit @nickmfmazz

10th Planet Warm Ups: H Series - Open Guards


Jiu Jitsu Legacy

A few crazy moves you can drill with your training partner!


Andre Galvao Fan Page - Official

#ScarfChoke: winter is right at the corner time to give some scarfs away to keep your opponents warm (I mean, pissed 😡) trust me, they will be red …

The Grapplers Guide - BJJ and Grappling

33 Back to Back Solo Grappling Drills in 7 Minutes - Get Access to Over 350 Solo Drills and 4,600 Detailed Grappling and BJJ Techniques at …

Omoplata from closed guard - How to beat a bigger, stronger opponent on Halloween - EP. 003

Jiu Jitsu


Agile Is not Easy for UX: (How to) Deal with It

<b>Summary:</b> Agile and UX work well together when management values UX, UX practitioners show leadership, the process isn’t strict, and UX is embedded on …

Project Management

Is blockchain tech the missing link for the success of IoT?

Blockchains use a decentralized network to support online transactions, a notion that was proven with the rising popularity of Bitcoin – the technology’s first true application. With a distributed nature, it is basically a self-powered ledger that meticulously maintains the same immutable record of …

Jiu Jitsu Legacy

<b>Jiu Jitsu Legacy is on Facebook.</b> To connect with Jiu Jitsu Legacy, log into Facebook.<p>or<p>Very good drill!<br>Tag someone with who you want to try …

Jiu Jitsu Legacy

Body Triangle Escape

Kyle D'arce Choke Setup From Side Mount


Denny Prokopos 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu: Serpent Crush

Jiu Jitsu

Dead Orchard Leg Hook Variation


Eddie Bravo Rubber Guard to Mount Walkthrough | The Hooks MMA: Ep 1, Part 3