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Paid and Hybrid WiFi Networks with BLACKBX

Got bandwidth hogs? Want to keep people off their laptops and actually talking to each other in your business? Then you, my friend, need a paid or …


WiFi in Retail

No matter what you're selling in your brick and mortar store - if there's one thing that customers demand, it's free in store WiFi. But don't just …


The Advantages of Managed WiFi for your Hospitality Chain

Running multiple locations for your business and tired of also managing multiple Wifi hotspots? We feel your pain and have the solution - Managed …

Facebook, Data Security, and Hospitality WiFi

In light of recent privacy revelations, is Facebook still safe to use for the WiFi you're offering at your hospitality venue? Here's how to offer …

Facebook WiFi and your Business

It seems like everyone is on Facebook, so shouldn't your business be too? With BLACKBX, you can let your business guests check in to your WiFi …

5 Tips for Setting Up WiFi for Your Restaurant or Pub

Opening up a pub or a restaurant? Then your customers are going to demand WiFi. Here are our top five tips for setting up WiFi for your restaurant or …

Why Offer WiFi as a Service?

Offering WiFi as a Service to your customers is a fantastic way to grow monthly revenue while at the same time expanding your customer base.

Improving Conversion Rates in Marketing

Find out how BLACKBX can help increase your conversion rate with automated marketing campaigns. Learn how guest wifi marketing to segmented customer …

3 Tips for Growing Your Restaurant Business with WiFi

So you've got a restaurant but you need business. Have you thought about using WiFi? Here are three tips you can use to start growing your restaurant …

Marketing Your Restaurant Online - A Brief Guide to Getting Bums in Seats

Trying to market your restaurant online but don't know where to start? Here's a list of Dos and Don'ts from our friends at Big Flavour Marketing.

Setting Up Your Airbnb for Guest WiFi

Face it: your Airbnb guests want WiFi. With BLACKBX, you can offer fast, safe and secure WiFi that will keep your Airbnbers coming back.

WPA3: The Next Generation in WiFi Security

Learn about the latest features that the WPA3 protocol will include and how it will affect WiFi. Make sure your Guest WiFi is safe and ensure …


It's no secret that we love to be connected at all times. In this Blogpost you will learn about the weirdest situations to use WiFi in.


Good Adverts, Bad Adverts

Too many businesses waste their time and money on advertising that just doesn't work. Here's a few tips on how to create targeted campaigns for your …


The annual Consumer Electronics Show, CES, took place in Las Vegas last week. Trends and innovations for 2018 included WPA3, smart tattoos and more

Airbnb WiFi: Offering Your Guests Safe and Secure Wireless

Renting your place on Airbnb? Then your guests are expecting WiFi. Here's a few tips on how to make the Airbnb WiFi you offer more secure.

Tips on Using WiFi with Your AirBnB During the Holidays

Looking to AirBnB your place out during this season? Here's some tips on how you can offer your guests safe and secure guest WiFi at your rental.

Loyal Customers should be King

Learn more about how Loyalty Programs can boost your business with our free ebook on customer loyalty programs. All set up easily via guest WiFi.

Brew Lab Drips Success with Coffee Shop WiFi

Curious about how WiFi for coffee shops can help you to make it to the top? In this BLACKBX Success Story we show you how Brew Lab works with smart …

Offer GDPR Compliant WiFi with BLACKBX

GDPR is coming! Don't get caught on the wrong side of the law on May 25, 2018. BLACKBX offers safe, secure and, most importantly, GDPR compliant WiFi.


How Tapa Boosted Business with Restaurant WiFi

Wondering what restaurant WiFi can do for your location? In this BLACKBX Success Story we show how using BLACKBX Guest WiFi helped boost Tapa to the …


WPA2 Breach - Is Your WiFi Safe?

On October 16, researchers announced a massive flaw in the WPA2 encryption used in routers around the world. Here's what it means for you and your …


Running a Pub or Bar? Add Guest WiFi to the Menu

Over half of customers expect to find WiFi when they visit a pub or bar. So if you're not offering guest WiFi you're losing out.