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Scientists create time crystals, a rule-bending new form of matter

A new phase of matter, called a time crystal, has been created and observed for the first time. In a regular crystal, the atoms are arranged in a …

Science Says Parents of the Most Successful Kids Do These 10 Things | Inc.com

We all want to lead happy, successful lives. But for parents, there's a time when your priorities shift a bit, and your most important goals start to involve setting your kids up for success and happiness in their own lives.<p>Parental priorities aren't the only factor, of course. There are plenty of …


Researchers Have Woven a ‘Smart’ Fabric That Mimics One of Our Bodies’ Hardiest Tissues

They hope to replace worn-out human joints.<p>For the first time, researchers have created a ‘smart’ fabric that mimics a type of special human tissue …

Rescue elephants receive jumbo jumpers knitted by kind villagers

These rescue elephants will be able to stay warm when the temperature dips this winter thanks to these jumbo jumpers.<p>Kind-hearted villagers in North India created the huge woolly jumpers for the elephants to wear during the country’s winter months.<p>The elephants, who were mistreated before they were …


Getting rid of coal power plants has led to one stunning statistic, EIA says

For those interested in air quality issues, the Energy Information Agency released a few revealing charts today.<p>For the first time since the late …

There’s a revolution happening in electricity. Utilities need to keep up.

A conversation on the future of the power sector.<p>Electric utilities increasingly find themselves at war with their own customers. Homeowners and commercial building owners have all sorts of new choices for how to generate, store, and manage their own electricity — solar panels, home batteries, …

Solar Power

The Man Taking Down Big Sugar


Vanadium-Flow Batteries: The Energy Storage Breakthrough We've Needed

The latest, greatest utility-scale battery storage technology to emerge on the commercial market is the vanadium redox battery, also known as the vanadium flow battery.<p>V-flow batteries are fully containerized, nonflammable, compact, reusable over semi-infinite cycles, discharge 100% of the stored …

Clean Energy

Ant Overlords? Supercolony in Ethiopian Forests Set to Invade Globe

The forests of Ethiopia are teeming with a supercharged ant that is poised to invade the globe, new research suggests.<p>The infamous ant species,</i> …


In Fiji, ants have learned to grow plants to house their massive colonies

These insects are farmers who grow entire cities from seeds.<p>High in the trees on the Fiji islands, ants in the species <i>Philidris nagasau</i> are doing …

6 Native American girls explain the tragic story behind Thanksgiving

While many think of Thanksgiving Day as a time to eat good food, express gratitude and spend time with family, six Native American girls collaborated …

Native Americans

This is what work-life balance looks like at a company with 100% retention of moms

When Phil Graves, a father of three young girls, worked for Deloitte, his days looked a lot like those of many working professionals. He left before the kids were up to commute to work in San Francisco. He raced through his day, and dashed home to make the bedtime crush: bath, bedtime stories, a …

Child Care

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This humble home appliance could be San Francisco’s secret climate weapon

In praise of unsexy clean energy technologies.<p>When it comes to clean energy, a few sexy technologies — solar panels, electric cars — get all the headlines. I blame you, the reading public. That’s what you click on!<p>But the workhorses of the clean energy transition, especially in the early years, are …

Fossil Fuels

Learning is Complicated: 4 Myths in Education Explained

Education abounds with myths, several of those ‘myths’ are about how the brain works. These myths have a long standing history of being perpetuated, …

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These genius crows almost went extinct before scientists discovered they can use tools

When Jane Goodall first encountered chimpanzees using twigs as tools in 1960 — something that scientists had assumed only humans could do — she wrote an excited telegram to her colleague Louis Leakey:<p>"Now we must redefine tool, redefine Man, or accept chimpanzees as humans," it said.<p>Scientists went …

Healthy houseplants

Here are 12 houseplants that can improve air indoors.


The largest wind farm in US history just got the green light

Called Wind XI, the $3.6 billion project will include 1,000 turbines and is expected to be completed in 2019. Once it's up and running, the wind farm will have the capacity to generate up to 2,000 megawatts of electricity — enough to power roughly 800,000 homes in the state.<p>On August 29, the Iowa …