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20 Moments From The Past 20 Years That Moved The Whole World Forward

From 1995 to 2015, Fast Company looks back at the people, products, and ideas that have transformed business and culture.

Do you remember the day when Netscape became a $2 billion company, or when Amazon upended our online expectations by introducing 1-Click shopping? How about when Napster faced …


What is the Role of Business in Society?

Capitalism is the most powerful man-made force on the planet. It has played a central role in improving the quality of life for billions of people by constantly evolving through a delicate balancing act with government and civil society. When this relationship is in balance, capitalism is able to …


B Corp movement prompts debate about future of corporations

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in LinkedIn Pulse.

By Paige Morrow

The B Lab was officially launched in the U.K. this past September, …


Kickstarter’s CEO says we need to overhaul the way we do business

This post has been corrected.

I’m listening to Yancey Strickler, founder and CEO of the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, with a growing sense of wonder. He looks understated: smiling, wearing spectacles, fitting right in to the hipster haven that is the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, east London. But …


B Lab Co-Founders Win the 2015 John P. McNulty Prize

Filed in Blog Topics: John P. McNulty Prize B Lab co-founders Jay Coen Gilbert, Andrew Kassoy and Bart Houlahan are the winners for the 2015 John P. …


Social Responsibility That Rubs Right Off

Until recently, Volkswagen was waging a relentless campaign to portray itself as an environmental steward, its cars on the vanguard of a clean energy revolution. It promoted diesel as a low-emissions alternative to gasoline and spent $77 million this year in the American market to advertise its …

Frightfully Good: How to Share Your Values This Halloween

October 21, 2015

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a chance to dress up, an excuse to neglect your lawn (“We’re going for the creepy,

Becoming a B Corp: only for the sustainable elite?

In 1968, Barney Fetzer decided to start what he believed was a revolution in the fertile lands of California’s Mendocino County. He was going to challenge the status quo and seek out winemaking practices that were better for the planet.

Although Fetzer is no longer alive – he died in 1981 – his …


Can B Corps take companies beyond the bottom line?

With rafts of companies signing up to new carbon targets in the lead up to the Paris climate conference, many corporate leaders increasingly cite the …

United Kingdom

Good corporate governance can improve a company's bottom line

When business is conducted in the right way, there is no more powerful agent of positive social change, says Edward Perry

As we digest the fallout of yet another big corporate scandal, there are plenty of people left wondering, once again, why there isn’t a better way of doing business. There is. …

Corporate Governance

Is B Corps Or Fair Trade Certification Right For Your Company?

The president of an Africa-based footwear company on why he shelled out for top certifications, and whether you should, too.

Tal Dehtiar is in the business of social good.

He founded and runs the world's first and only fair trade-certified footwear factory, Oliberté, which is also a certified B …

Are B Corps a good investment? Bridges releases new paper as the movement hits the UK

• B Corp is a global movement of companies looking to combine social and financial goals
• Today it launches officially in the UK, with an initial cohort …

Impact Is The New Mobile

It’s no longer acceptable for a website to not render well on mobile. In the next decade, it won’t be enough for a company to merely be profitable — customers, employees and investors will all demand that a company produce positive impact, as well.

This might seem unlikely, but so did businesses …

Whole Foods

Two Capitalist Tales: A Kickstart and a Kick in the Head

These are two tales about capitalism at its best and at its worst. These are true stories because even Hollywood at its brashest could not write fictional scripts better than these to depict the duality of capitalism.

On Monday, September 21, The New York Time's ran two contrasting articles on the …


B Corp social purpose business movement declares "Change is Coming” as it launches in UK

The names of 60+ ‘social purpose businesses’ have been revealed as the global B Corp movement launches its founding members in the UK.

Big Issue, …

United Kingdom

Kickstarter CEO: Morals and profit can coexist, and we will show startups the way

Kickstarter is placing an emphasis on social good, not the bottom line.

The crowdfunding platform announced Sunday that it reincorporated as a public benefit corporation, meaning Kickstarter remains a for-profit company but is legally obligated to consider how its actions impact workers, the …


Kickstarter, PBC

I recall meeting Perry Chen for the first time in the old USV offices on the 14th floor back in 2009 shortly after Kickstarter launched. He and his …


The woman driving Patagonia to be (even more) radical

CEO Rose Marcario is leading the rebellious outdoor-clothing maker into a new era of growth—and planet-friendly practices.

Rose Marcario is recalling the year that she left her old life behind. “So it was, you know, an Eat, Pray, Love moment—without the eating and the love,” she says.

Then she laughs, …


4 Strategies to Use When Raising Money for Your B Corps

This story first appeared in the September issue of Entrepreneur. To receive the magazine, click here to subscribe.

When Donnel Baird needed seed capital to continue developing his B Corporation in 2013, he figured impact investors were the ticket. One year and 250 investor meetings later, …


How the Social Mission of Ben & Jerry’s Survived Being Gobbled Up

Big food companies have an endless appetite for smaller brands that make local, organic and socially responsible products. Over the years, Danone acquired Stonyfield Farm yogurt, General Mills bought Annie’s Homegrown and Campbell Soup swallowed up Plum Organics.

Each time such a deal is announced, …

Ice Cream

Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell news by Idaho Statesman

Better Know a Deal: A First for Benefit Corporations

By Anthony Tagliente

The relationship between baby food company Plum Organics, a Public Benefit Corporation, and parent company Campbell Soup breaks …

Baby Food

5 Benefits to Becoming a Certified B Corp

What’s all the fuss about B Corps? What are they? Why do they matter, and why is there a great future in B Corps?

B Lab, the nonprofit that provides …


Growing numbers of “benefit companies” pursue both purpose and profit

Republic 3.0

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Among the many dozens of delivery vehicles that hit the …


Purpose is The New Purple: How to Get Mouths Moo-ving

July 15, 2015

Purpose is the New Purple: A Remarkable Way to Get Mouths

The Purple Cow is something of a modern-day marketing classic. …


Business is the most powerful man-made force on the planet. Why not use capitalism to do good? - Katie Kerr, B Lab’s communications director

In 2006, the trio founded the Philadelphia-based B Lab; the B is short for “B the change,” inspired by Gandhi’s famous invocation that we must be the …


What it will take for social finance to take off

The private sector and investors hold the answer to closing the investment gap in developing countries.

World leaders, finance ministers, business leaders and investors gathered this week in Ethiopia for the United Nation’s International Financing for Development Conference to discuss channeling …

Nine ways to overcome barriers to sustainable business

1. Use sustainability as a unique selling point
Consumers are increasingly looking to buy ethically sourced, sustainable products, especially in the food sector. Brands should use their sustainability as a point of difference to encourage sales, argues Rich Clothier, managing director of Wyke …


The Next Best Generation -- Shifting Paradigms for Business and Leadership in Latin America

"What moves you?" -- I sometimes start public talks about social entrepreneurship with this question, showing a sample of social and environmental challenges in my opening slides. Speaking before young entrepreneurs, university students and activists, the response tends to be an overwhelming show …


'Benefit corporation' offers new path for firms that see past profit

Indiana might not seem like fertile ground for growing socially responsible companies, but a new state law, coupled with local interest in national …