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OJ Simpson makes appeal for parole in Nevada

<b>Former US football star and actor OJ Simpson is appearing before a parole board to ask to be released after nine years in a Nevada prison.</b><p>Simpson, who was acquitted for a double murder in 1995, is serving time for armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, and 11 other charges.<p>The sentence, which …


10 surprising things Trump just told the New York Times

<b>US President Donald Trump gave a wide-ranging interview to the New York Times, in which he criticised his attorney general, Jeff Sessions. But there was plenty more he said of interest too.</b><p>So what else came up?<p>1. There should be a military parade in Washington<p><i>"It [the Bastille Day parade in Paris]</i> …

Donald Trump

Theresa May to take walking holiday in Alps

<b>Prime Minister Theresa May is to take a three-week walking holiday in the Alps with husband Philip, Number 10 says.</b><p>Mrs May is to spend five days in northern Italy next week, before attending the commemoration of the centenary of the battle of Passchendaele in Belgium.<p>She will then resume her …


Lib Dem leader Vince Cable's 'exit from Brexit' hope

British people should have the option to stay within the EU when negotiations end, the new Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable says.


Jeffrey Toobin: 'I expect OJ Simpson will get parole'

OJ Simpson could soon be granted parole and released from prison as early as October.<p>He has been in prison since 2008, not for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Browne Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman for which he was acquitted in 1995, but over a robbery in Las Vegas.<p>Jeffrey Toobin is an …

O.J. Simpson

Margaret Thatcher suggested threatening Saddam with chemical weapons

<b>Margaret Thatcher suggested threatening Iraq with chemical weapons after the 1990 invasion of Kuwait, declassified documents show.</b><p>The formerly top secret correspondence was between the then UK prime minister and US defence secretary Dick Cheney.<p>Mrs Thatcher told Mr Cheney the US should consider …

Foreign Policy

Poland court bill: Parliament votes for judicial reforms

<b>Poland's lower house of parliament has voted through controversial new reforms which will see all Supreme Court judges removed and replaced.</b><p>The Law and Justice Party say it will make the judicial system more effective and able to fight against corruption.<p>But critics say it is a threat to the rule …

World News

Firefighters try to revive dog after California house fire rescue

Emergency services video shows firefighters trying to revive a dog they rescued from a house fire, using a special oxygen mask.

Fire Fighting

First electric car showroom opens in Milton Keynes

The UK's first electric car showroom, run by Chargemaster, has opened its doors in a Milton Keynes shopping centre.<p>David Martell, Chargemaster's chief executive, said: "The whole idea is to take away some of the myths about ownership of electric cars - people thinking the range is bad, the …


ExxonMobil fined by US for Ukraine sanctions violations

<b>ExxonMobil must pay a $2m penalty for signing documents for oil and gas projects in Russia, despite US sanctions imposed after Russian forces seized Crimea in 2014.</b><p>Exxon signed documents in May 2014 with Igor Sechin, the president of Russian oil giant Rosneft and another, unnamed person, it said.<p>At …


Alabama man shoots huge wild boar in his front garden

<b>A US taxidermist has described how he dramatically shot a huge wild boar that had wandered into his garden in the southern state of Alabama.</b><p>Wade Seago told the BBC it had taken three shots from his revolver to kill the boar, which weighed 372kg (820lb).<p>He said the animal had terrified his daughter …


Brothers, two and five, steal mother's car for trip to grandfather

<b>Two brothers aged five and two stole their mother's car and wrecked it on a drive to their grandfather's house, say authorities in West Virginia.</b><p>Putnam County Sheriff deputies believe the toddlers probably teamed up to work the pedals and steer the wheel before crashing it in a ditch.<p>The pair made …


Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions 'to stay in job'

<b>US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said he will continue to serve Donald Trump despite sharp criticism from the president.</b><p>Mr Trump told the New York Times on Wednesday he would never have appointed Mr Sessions if he had known he was going to recuse himself from leading a Russia investigation.<p>He …

Jeff Sessions

Tour de France 2017: Chris Froome in control, Warren Barguil wins stage 18

<b>Britain's Chris Froome took a big step towards winning a fourth Tour de France - and third in succession - as French rider Warren Barguil won stage 18.</b><p>Froome finished the stage in fourth, just behind Romain Bardet, who is 23 seconds adrift of the Team Sky rider in second place overall.<p>Barguil, who …


US Republican asks Nasa if civilisation on Mars existed

US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a California Republican, asked the scientist leading Nasa's Mars Rover programme if an ancient civilisation existed on Mars.


The Vince Cable story: Profile of new Lib Dem leader

<b>Sir Vince Cable has been crowned leader of the Liberal Democrats without a contest - this is the story of how he got there.</b><p>He is one of the most recognisable faces in British politics: a former minister in the coalition government, a ballroom dancing enthusiast who did Strictly before Ed Balls, an …


Xanda: Son of Cecil the 'lion killed by hunter' in Zimbabwe

<b>Two years after Cecil the lion was killed by a trophy-hunter in Zimbabwe, prompting global outrage, his son has met a similar sad end.</b><p>Xanda, a six-year-old lion with several young cubs, was reportedly shot on a trophy hunt.<p>He died just outside the Hwange National Park in north-west Zimbabwe.<p>News of …


Teens from Burundi robotics team go missing in US

<b>Six teenagers from Burundi taking part in a robotics competition in the US have been reported missing, police say.</b><p>Four boys and two girls - aged from 16 to 18 - disappeared during the First Global Challenge tournament in Washington DC.<p>The DC Police Department says they were last seen on Tuesday - …


OJ Simpson - the spectacular fall of 'The Juice'

<b>The story of Orenthal James - "OJ" - Simpson is about a fallen hero. Once a high-profile US football star, he went on to spectacularly make headlines for all the wrong reasons.</b><p>After convincing a jury of his innocence in a double murder case, he was later convicted in Las Vegas of armed robbery and …

O.J. Simpson

The Open 2017: Jordan Spieth cards 65 to lead at Royal Birkdale - BBC Sport


North Korea drought: Children at risk in 'worst crisis since 2001'

<b>North Korea is facing severe food shortages after being hit by its worst drought since 2001, a report from the United Nations says.</b><p>Crop production in the country has been hampered by a prolonged dry period and food imports are now urgently required to fill the gap, the UN has warned.<p>The most …

North Korea

Olly Murs cancelled gigs: 'No refunds' for fans

<b>Many ticketholders for cancelled Olly Murs concerts in Dorset and Devon will not be refunded after the promoter went bust.</b><p>The singer was to perform at Exeter's Powderham Castle on 29 July and at Kings Park, Bournemouth on 5 August.<p>Stephen C Associates Limited, which organised the events, said it …


Justine Damond shooting: Minneapolis police ambush claim 'ludicrous'

<b>A lawyer for the family of an Australian woman shot dead by police in Minneapolis says suggestions officers feared an ambush were "ludicrous".</b><p>Robert Bennett said Justine Damond was in her pyjamas when she approached them and "was not a threat to anyone".<p>Ms Damond was shot after approaching two …


Knot bad: William and Kate try pretzel making

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have tried their hand at pretzel making on their visit to Heidelberg in Germany.<p>Prince William made various attempts alongside Kate, before opting for a simpler dough folding method.<p>The couple then each coxed a boat for a race on the river - with the prince's boat …


Heavy rain brings Long Gill, near Ingleton, back to life

The moment a river bed filled with water after a heavy downpour has been captured on camera.<p>Thomas Beresford filmed water streaming down Long Gill towards the River Twiss, near Ingleton.<p>The North Yorkshire County Council worker waited more than an hour to capture the moment but said it was "worth …


Students to have value-for-money contracts with universities

<b>Students will have formal contracts with universities, so they can challenge them over too few teaching hours or if facilities are inadequate, says Universities Minister Jo Johnson.</b><p>Mr Johnson highlighted growing concerns among students about not getting good value for money.<p>He also warned …

Higher Education

OJ Simpson: A potted history of the fallen US football icon

<b>OJ Simpson could soon be granted parole, and released from prison as early as October. He was jailed in 2008 after taking memorabilia from his football career at gunpoint in a Las Vegas hotel room.</b><p>While the case has no connection to his infamous 1995 acquittal in a double murder trial, Simpson's …


Qatar 'informed' al-Qaeda bombers says UAE diplomat

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) ambassador to Russia has said Qatar informed al-Qaeda of a military operation in Yemen, resulting in a suicide bomb attack that left Emirati troops injured.<p>"Our Qatari allies informed al-Qaeda of our precise location and what we were planning to do. We then received …

Middle East

AlphaBay and Hansa dark web markets shut down

<b>The AlphaBay and Hansa dark web marketplaces have been shut down following an international law enforcement operation.</b><p>Both sites had been associated with the trade in illicit items such as drugs, weapons and stolen data.<p><i>More to follow...</i>

U.S. Department of Justice

First aider who collapsed during lesson saved by trainees

<b>A retired nurse talked his trainees through saving his own life when he suffered heart failure during a CPR lecture.</b><p>David Knowles was delivering a first aid course to members of his Exeter church group when he started feeling unwell.<p>The 77-year-old said he felt dizzy and weak, and had to lie …