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Are You Suffering From Tech Neck?

Put down the screen. Your never-ending Instagram scrolls during your morning commute may cause you to age more quickly. Some call it tech neck'; others call it text neck.' Either way, it's a problem for the iPhone 6 generation. "The skin of the neck is sensitive and thin compared to other parts of …

Skin Care

Can You Really Use Lip Liner as Eyeliner?

Yesterday I had a thought when I was struggling to find a hot-pink eyeliner: Could I just use a lip liner on my eyes? It seemed innocuous enough. So I hopped on the Google machine to see what the Internet had to say and...crickets. Other than a few random blog posts and a Yahoo Answers thread from …


Why Is Everyone Putting Red Lipstick Under Their Eyes?

Three questions to ponder: Is red lipstick the magical undereye-circle eraser? Is butter in coffee going to catch on? How did Madonna manage to make a tumble so epic? It's all in today's Alluring Links.<p>Put our lipstick where?! Covering undereye circles with red lipstick is the latest viral makeup …

Chris Brown

six ways to channel your inner ’70s beauty goddess

tips from topshop’s makeup queen<p>The '90s fashion revival lasted (dare we say it?) a little bit longer than it had a right to. Now, it's finally being replaced with a new decade: the 1970s. And, while throwing on some bell bottoms or a boho maxi dress is easy, figuring out how to get your makeup to …


what your bun says about you

(it says a lot)<p>You can do your go-to bun while walking backwards with your eyes closed uphill, but what does the shape you create say about your personality? Maybe you are more of a quirky, fun-loving bun-wearer; maybe your bun indicates a lust for life that cannot be controlled with a simple …


Are Hair Accessories the Next Big Beauty Trend? (Yes)

Leather headbands, geometric clips, retro leather ponytail holders—the runways at New York Fashion Week were surprisingly full of hair accessories in all shapes and sizes. And judging from the first two days in Milan, hair dressing is a trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere this fashion …


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