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A rare sighting of the Milky Way

Due to increased amounts of light pollution, Iceland is one of the few countries left in Europe where it can still easily be seen.<p>In the late 1800s, an Icelandic poet and entrepreneur is fabled to have tried to sell the Northern Lights to a group of businessmen from Switzerland.<p>Although Einar …


A persuasion expert's 4 best tips for being productive when you don't feel like it

I end up there all the time. So I wondered: what's the best way for <i>me</i> to convince <i>me</i> to be more productive? What's the best way to use the science of persuasion … on myself?<p>I knew the answer was a bit beyond my pay grade, so I called an expert …<p>Robert Cialdini is the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion …

Personal Hygiene

Weed Might Be Able to Block the Onset of Alzheimer's

If you're regularly exercising and smoking pot, you're already taking the right steps to ward off the disease.<p>These days we know at least a little bit about how medical marijuana can help patients with stuff like anxiety, cancer, rare seizure disorders, and PTSD. Now, <i>Science Daily reports</i> that …

How To Create A Loyal Customer In Under Five Minutes

Every CEO, marketer and entrepreneur wants their business to “stand out,” to rise up out of the noise of the competition and grab the hearts and minds of consumers and clients. They want raving fans lining up for their products and services. They want repeat business and loyalty. Who wouldn’t?<p>When …

DNA-Mixture Analysis Exonerates Wrongly Convicted Man in Indiana

A man who served 24 years in prison for a rape conviction was exonerated and released today – the first of its kind based on the latest DNA-mixture …

8 reasons to celebrate a layover at South Korea's Incheon Airport

I recently spent 10 hours basking in the wildly affordable glory of Incheon — I took a free city tour, relaxed in a massage chair, found a comfortable spot to nap, refreshed with a free shower, and found endless diversions throughout the airport. Here are some favorites.

South Korea

5 Awesome Features We've Seen In The Latest Smart Luggage

Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more companies launching smart luggage, and they all have a lot of interesting features, in addition to just …

Business travel cons | CNN Travel

Heaven over hospital: Dying girl, age 5, makes a choice

<i>This is the first part of the series,"Heaven over hospital." Read the second part here.</i><p><b>(CNN) —</b> <i>Michelle: Julianna, if you get sick again, do you want to go to the hospital again or stay home?</i><p><i>Julianna: Not the hospital.</i><p><i>Michelle: Even if that means that you will go to heaven if you stay home?</i><p><i>Julianna:</i> …

16 incredible movie theaters around the world

Today, you can catch a flick while lounging in a hot tub, laying on a private beach, or in a '50s-style drive-in cinema complete with your own convertible car.<p>We've put together a collection of movie theaters around the world that take going to the movies to a whole new level.<p>From a floating cinema …

Ashley Madison hack data reportedly released, including credit cards and employer data

Attention, 37 million users of the notorious affair website Ashley Madison: time to start sweating. According to a report from Ars Technica, the personal data pilfered during the hack is now available online, released as a BitTorrent file earlier today.<p>According to the report, a 10GB file chock …

I Quit My Job and Spent 3 Years Visiting 60 Countries with My Camera

Sometime during 2010, I began dreaming of quitting my job and traveling around Asia for a year before returning to the work force. I had graduated …

Burj Khalifa - Dubai - United Arab Emirates (by Michael Theis)

Burj Khalifa - Dubai - United Arab Emirates (by Michael Theis)

Nosara - Costa Rica von Chris Goldberg

Nice - France (by Daniel Stockman)

Venice - Italy (by hjl)

Venice - Italy (by hjl)

Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Kuhio Beach - Hawaii - USA (by hjl)

Kuhio Beach - Hawaii - USA (by hjl)