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1,242 Flips | 1 Magazine | 5 Likes | 4 Following | 60 Followers | @AuroraAgilipvtr | Aurora Agility provides agile consulting and training services to your organization so that you can maximize customer value.   We bring years of experience to help your organization meet its agile transformation and improvement needs.   Specializing in Scrum, we provide training, consulting, and coaching.   We can help you determine the approach that best fits your specific project needs for your organization.

10 common myths about enterprise agility

<b>Myth: Agility is hype.</b><p>Reality: Agility is a proven concept here to stay. Its ability to unlock value has been pressure-tested in different industries …

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Agile Transformation: Mastery, Autonomy & Purpose

Mastery Autonomy Purpose — Synopsis<p>Master autonomy purpose — in this article, I present a slightly different way of viewing agile maturity, through …

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Whitepaper: Essential Guide to Agile Testing

The speed and adaptability of agile development is no longer a competitive advantage. It is a requirement. According to Atlassian, 80% of all …

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What Does It Mean To Be An Agile Leader?

In the modern business world, many leaders emphasize the importance of being “agile.” Borrowed from the software world’s concept of agile development, this management style requires a leader to be flexible, adaptable and fast in their decision-making.<p>What does it take to put agile leadership into …


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