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Introduction by Aubrey Johnston - Listen to music

Learning about cellular respiration was so interesting! I mean, we were learning about how our own cells make energy! It's so awesome to learn how we survive.

The structure of both plant and animal cells are interesting to learn about. I'm exited to learn the inner workings of the organelles. Finally, I was thoroughly intrigued by the new concepts about photosynthesis and cellular respiration.

In the first semester I have learned new information and expanded on information that I already learned. Learning new things is a passion of mine since you explore new or old topics. Learning is also where you can find information about anything you love or curious about.

Since the beginning of the year, the class has become increasingly more collaborative. Each individual has improved in this area, but the class has improved together as a whole. Now, it's much easier to collaborate with classmates, even if you are only acquaintances.

Compared to the labs in the beginning of the year I have gotten better. Specifically, I am a lot better at description. Although, I will admit it's still hard to write everything in pen!

Compared to my middle school career, my microscopy skills have significantly improved. Now, I'm able to fix my own slides. Continually, I'm able to help my peers.

Since day one, it's become natural to use Team Drives for communication. My improvements with communicating with team members is something that I am truly proud of! Not to mention one of my table groups won the break out with how fast we were communicating!

I've learned over the Semester that labs are very good study tools. As they are up close in personal with what we're learning. And so, not only have I become more confident with the lab equipment, but I also have better study habits.

The science and laboratory skills I have gained over the past Semester have significantly improved. Additionally, I find the pre-labs and lab set up to be less challenging then it was in the beginning of the year.

A song that sums up what my favorite things in bio are. The song was challenging to write because of some of the words I had. Notation and respiration work apparently!

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