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Respect for Service

ANZAC Day was last week here in Australia. It is a day that we remember all those that have served the nation in conflict and peace. As I got up at …

My Loving Life Club Newsletter

Below is a link to the latest episode of the Loving Life Show<p>What to do when Shit hits the Fan - Loving Life Show

What to do when Shit hits the Fan

My Loving Life Club Newsletter

Push on or Give up?

• <i>Have you heard the advice of “never give up, keep going…. Overcome all obstacles”?</i><br>• Have you heard advice of “stop banging your head against the wall”? …


Business Canberra Weekly Notices


You cannot do it all yourself

• Are you the sort of person that is very independent?<br>• Do you prefer to do things yourself?<br>If you answered yes to the above questions, then you are like …


If they are not against us they are for us

I recently read a verse in the bible that said “If they are not against us they are for us”. It is a little different to what most people say “If …


Do you need control

Garbage in, Garbage out

Many years ago when I was studying computing I was taught a concept called “Garbage in, Garbage out (GIGO)”. Basically, it is a concept that says if …

Social Media

How do you fight

What is abundance?

Recently I was approached through LinkedIn by someone trying to sell me a way to increase my income. He was trying to sell me on having abundance, …

What to do when you do not know what to do

What gives you energy?

Over the Christmas – New Years break I was fortunate to travel to Melbourne for a few days and then along the Great Ocean Road. It had been a while …


Feed your fire

Coming Home

Last year I spent quite a bit of time away from home. My Army Reserve role took me on many adventures throughout the year. Coming home each time was …

If you disagree Reflect

Having a whinge…. Then carrying on

• <i>Have you ever not been happy about a situation?</i><br>• Maybe even angry about the outcome?<br>• Have you just got frustrated with the situation?<br>Well, I have been …

To Be or To Do

What would I tell my soldier to do?

In both my army and civil work I often am asked for advice. This advice can be varied, and most people in a leadership role would be in a similar …

Mental Health

Hang in there

False Takeoff

In November I was in New Zealand participating in a military exercise. During the exercise I flew all over New Zealand. The weather was moving in …


Happy New Year

Well 2017 has ended and 2018 has commenced. I hope that 2017 was a year worth celebrating and I wish you an awesome year ahead. If you are like me …