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34 Things You Never Knew About Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is basically the Mother Teresa of our time.<p>1. A Russian millionaire paid $1.5 million to go on a space trip with Leo.<p>2. In 2009, Leo and Kate Winslet helped pay nursing home fees for the last living Titanic survivor so she wouldn't have to sell her mementos.<p>3. He can speak fluent German.<p>4. Leo …

50 Truly Insane Facts About The U.S.A. That You Won't Believe Are True

More like the United States of Awesome.<p><b>Alabama:</b> Residents of Magnolia Springs have their mail delivered by boat on the Magnolia River, the only river route mail delivery in the continental United States.<p><b>Alaska:</b> Juneau, Alaska's state capital, is almost as large as the combined area of Rhode Island …

A Tree Kangaroo Joey Was Born In Sydney And She Is Adorable

Endangered cutie pops out to say "G'day!"

The 23 Best Vintage Video Games You Can Play In Your Browser

Bang goes your lunch hour.

13 Charts That Show Why London Is Basically Another Country

London is not like the rest of Britain - but don't begin building a wall around the M25 just yet.

23 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You Move To NYC

These streets will make you feel br— $18 FOR A GIN AND TONIC???

Fox News Employee Admits She Watches CNN For News

While appearing on Fox News' Media Buzz Monday, Fox News contributor — and columnist — Lauren Ashburn admitted that she's still a fan of CNN when she wants to "know about news."

8 Things You Should Know About Gravitational Waves

Today scientists are expected to announce the discovery of an "echo of the big bang". Update: It's true!<p><b>Update — Mar. 17, 12:00 p.m. ET:</b> The BICEP2 collaboration have detected gravitational waves from the early universe, providing strong evidence for cosmic inflation. The results have been released …

Why Batman Is Statistically Impossible (SORRY!)

There are 1000 billionaires worldwide. 1 in 2,307,692 humans have the athletic ability of an Olympian. Fewer see their parents die. Dinosaur Comics does the math.

This 107-Year-Old Syrian Refugee Was Just Reunited With Her Family In Germany

Sabria Khalaf has been reunited with 20 members of her family — including her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and 33-day-old great-great-granddaughter.<p>A 107-year-old Syrian refugee, Sabria Kahalaf, was reunited with 20 members of her family in Germany on Monday, including her grandchildren, …

The 21 Commandments Of Going To A Catholic College

Because there are way more than 10.

"Backdoor Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham Has A New Song Called "Blowin'"

She's blowin' all right — just not in the way you think.<p><i>Let me get that air<br>That breeze<br>The wind I need ,<br>Im blowin (I'm blowin)<br>All these bullies away</i><p><i>Celeburty -Celeburty -Celeburty<br>Being yourself is makin you famous</i><p><i>Live and learn<br>Be better then normal<br>Make those mistakes<br>Your blowin ( your blowin) all</i> …

21 Oddly Satisfying GIFs You Won't Be Able To Stop Watching

Why do these feel so good? Via Reddit.

7 Problems Only People With Glasses Understand

Life's tough when you're completely dependent on A PIECE OF PLASTIC.

True Facts About The Owl

So cute. So deadly.

True Facts About The Sea Pig

Yup, it's a thing.

True Facts About Morgan Freeman

The truest, most scientific facts about the most perfect human.<p>View this video on YouTube<p>Promoted by<p>Connect With Videos<p>FacebookLike Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter TwitterFollow Us On Twitter Subscribe To Us On YouTubeSubscribe To Us On YouTube

True Facts About The Tapir

So cute... and so about to go extinct.

This Bad Lip Reading Of "Game Of Thrones" Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day

Shut it down, folks.<p>h/t @rossneumann

The Time You Have (In Jelly Beans)

The average American lifespan can be represented by 28,835 jellybeans. Once you start counting out how we spend our time, they vanish pretty quickly.

Watch This Dad's Adorable Freak-Out After He Finds Out His Son Passed Math

This might just be the happiest anyone has ever been, ever.

Everything You'll Never Be Able To Do At A Blockbuster Video Ever Again

Blockbuster's parent company announced today that it will close its 300 remaining U.S. stores by early January. Which means that the days of *actually going to the video store* are almost over.

World's Angriest Grandmother Takes Out Fury On GTA V

Tech<p>"Wankers! Wankers! I'll get you, you bastard."<p>View this video on YouTube<p>Promoted by<p>Connect With Tech<p>FacebookLike Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter TwitterFollow Us On Twitter Subscribe to our RSS feedSubscribe to our RSS feed

This Video Will Change The Way You Watch Jurassic Park Forever

How DID they clone the plants? We demand answers to these burning questions.

The Science Of Having A Crush

It may feel like your heart, but it's mostly in your head.

This Video May Change The Way You Look At Food Forever

A clip from the film SAMSARA showing food production has become one of the most shared links on Facebook due to its mesmerizing but disturbing look at industrialized food production.

A Deeply Unsettling Time Lapse Of Every Nuclear Explosion On Earth

*Stocks up on canned foods, heads to bunker*<p>Broadly speaking, most people know very little about the usage and testing of nuclear weapons. Sure, you're probably vaguely aware that nuclear tests occured throughout the twentieth century by some of the world's most powerful nations (mainly the United …