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THE ONLY NEWS APP YOU NEED<br>With News Suite, you no longer have to visit multiple sites and apps to stay in the know. It organizes articles from 1000s …


May blatantly misleads Parliament about Russian “terrorist” law

Theresa May following a tradition of being less than exact in Parliament about a casus belli<p>When Theresa May said this in the House of Commons …

Alexander Litvinenko

Syria: Makeshift chemical weapons lab discovered in East Ghouta by Syrian Army

Text and pictures by Sharmine Narwani<p>Photo from series below.<p>Was in #EastGhouta today, 25 meters from a battlefront btwn Shifouniyeh & Misraba, areas …

Middle East

WATCH: “No Russia, no world!” – World Order 2018

Posted on Vimeo by <i>Inessa S</i>. The film is blocked worldwide on YouTube.<p>“World Order 2018” is a new documentary movie by TV host, Vladimir Soloviev, in …


Skripal: A Russian web or a RUSI web?

This article does not seek to provide a hypothesis regarding what happened to Col. Sergei Skripal and his daughter, who did it or why. Nor does it …


Russian Nuclear Sub "Quietly" Traveled To US Coastline Undetected

As Russia weighs retaliating against the UK over its decision to expel a cadre of Russian diplomats after determining that senior Russian leaders …


Anthrax: The Forgotten Iraq War Lie

Although it is difficult to remember at this point, the anthrax scare of late 2001 was widely seen as a follow-up to the 9/11 attacks, and a sign of …


UK’s “novichok” claim exposed as lies: what is the current reality of the Skripal case?

Former UK ambassador Craig Murray has released the following information on his blog regarding Theresa May’s claims in parliament on Wednesday that …


Dizzee Rascal & General Levy - HOT PERFORMANCE #SixtyMinutesLive (CUT)


Futuristic - Bodak Yellow & No Limit Remix #OneTake

Bodak Yellow



Theresa May has embarrassed Vladimir Putin at his own political game, Russia expert says

Theresa May has "outsmarted" Vladimir Putin with her response to the attempted murder of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal in Britain last week, a Russia expert has told Business Insider.<p>The prime minister has been praised for gripping the issue and corralling support from the UK's most powerful …


EU chief Donald Tusk accuses Theresa May of wanting Brexit to work 'at any price' in brutal slapdown

EU Council President Donald Tusk today issued a blunt slapdown to Theresa May over her Brexit plan.<p>Mr Tusk once again warned a "pick and mix approach …

United Kingdom

From Here to Brexiternity: The Crisis in British Politics

British politics in early March has been a tale of four prime ministers—two former ones, the present holder of the office, and one who would like to …

United Kingdom

Britain is still clueless about the EU’s motives in Brexit negotiations

Brussels’ main aim is to contain Britain and to prevent contagion. The Brexiters are blind to this<p>What works for a lamb will not work for a lion. This was how a senior European official dismissed the idea that Britain could ever be trusted with the same deal outside the EU as Norway enjoys today. …

Downing Street

Hypersonic weapons can make virtually all missile defenses useless — and destabilize the world order

The Cold War gave the world intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that could carry nuclear weapons, and cruise missiles that could be launched from ships and aircraft.<p>Now, like a lot of Cold War era military equipment, these weapons are getting a 21st century tune up. But it is not the …


Kids, sleep and melatonin

We call our 2-year-old “the sleep bandit.” Every night we get our kids through the bath, in pajamas, and finally, after multiple stories and lots of …


Chernobyl's Animal Mutations Shed Light on the Impact of Nuclear Releases

The Effect of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident on Wildlife<p>The 1986 Chernobyl accident resulted in one of the highest unintentional releases of …

The Story of a Scammer on Facebook Who Conned Me (and Many Others)

Scams involving cameras are rampant these days. After almost losing a Nikon D850 to a scam on eBay, I recently also discovered a massive camera scam …

New York City

Priti dire: No way forward for May’s shambolic government

Where to start with the Priti Patel case?<p>The secretary for international development has created a media storm of such epic proportions that it has …

United Kingdom

Photos of People Matching Paintings in Museums

Photographer Stefan Draschan visited museums across Europe and spent hours looking for curious coincidences in which other visitors matched the …


Watch Gee Atherton's GoPro View As He Passes 399 Riders | Foxhunt 2016

San Mateo County

30 Days Timelapse at Sea | 4K | Through Thunderstorms, Torrential Rain & Busy Traffic

Time-lapse Photography

Ghosts of Rio's Olympics

A view of the Olympic Aquatics Stadium, which was used for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Less than six month after Rio de Janeiro hosted the first-ever …

M Night Shyamalan Adds Spencer Treat Clark And Charlayne Woodard To Glass

More details are starting to emerge about M. Night Shyamalan's next film, <i>Glass</i>, which – spoiler alert for those who still might not be aware – will …

National Suicide: A Brexit Catch-Up

A quick primer on everything that's been going on with the worst thing to happen to Britain this century.<p><i>The story so far: plucky West European dimwits Britain have declared their independence from the evil European Union, run by the poison dwarf, Jean-Claude Juncker, and the baddie from The</i> …