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Dance India Dance Season 4 Mega Audition November 09, 2013 - Juhi & Shrishti Jain

Holy Granth is not about One community,but the virtues of all are One....

On the eastern coast of the African continent sits Kenya, a country of 44 million that straddles the Earth's equator. In addition to its diverse and picturesque scenery—from the 5,188m (17,021ft) tall peak of Mount Kenya to wildlife-rich savannas—Kenya is also home to a thriving Instagram community. Experience life in Kenya through the lenses just a few of the many Instagrammers that live there: Kenyan photographer @truthslinger; Nairobi-based pilot @eston; Kenya-based photographer and graphic designer @davideandr3; and Nairobi-based engineer @white_african. Photo by @truthslinger.

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This long exposure image shows 'Pearl Fuji', when the full moon sets on the summit of Mt. Fuji, on July 23, 2013 in Yamanakako, Yamanashi, Japan. Photograph by Asahi Shimbun/Getty Images. To see more Pictures of the Week, visit lightbox.time.com.

The CLA has some serious good looks, and I'm not kidding around! @mbusa #CLAtakethewheel

#martina_fiat500." After shooting tons of photos and videos of her car in the Alps, Martina has developed quite an eye for autos. Want to take great shots of your own ride? Here are her tips: 1. Compose the car well in the frame and keep in mind you are shooting for a square format. 2. Make sure the lighting is just right and you have a nice contrast of colors in your scene. 3. Get your angle right—it can make the car look cute if you get it right, or daunting if you get it wrong. ("For example, I don't like to photograph my Fiat from the front. It just doesn't look right to me.") For more from Martina and her Fiat, follow her @kitkat_ch.