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Flipboard Bolsters News Curation Across Categories

With the new edition of Flipboard, the Newsdesk—the folks who bring you The Daily Edition all day, every day—are expanding their daily curation activities to focus on a slew of new packages that promote deeper understanding around major themes in the news. It’s the type of content only a seasoned …

Backstage at the Westminster Dog Show: Pictures

12 Signs You Might Have an Anxiety Disorder

What's normal?<p>Everyone gets nervous or anxious from time to time—when speaking in public, for instance, or when going through financial difficulty. …


My dnd character goorin and his snazzy new hat are ready for adventuring again this weekend

Few more finished

Part 1 -OLI #elioli #elioliart #art

James Comey explains why he alerted Congress right before the election on Clinton's emails

<b>(CNN) —</b> FBI Director James Comey is testifying before Congress Wednesday, and received several sharp questions on his decision to alert Congress just days before the election that his agency was investigating emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop that were potentially related to a probe of Hillary … | The official home for all things Disney

Instagram Shuts Down Access From Other Apps

Facebook’s ongoing efforts to keep users within their own walled garden will soon result in the elimination of Instagram from third party apps, including Flipboard. On June 1, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, will stop allowing many third parties to access the images in its feeds. If you have …

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Jonathan Demme: A Life in Pictures



Apple Watch

United States

"America", "US", "USA", and "USOA" redirect here. For the landmass comprising North, Central and South America, see Americas. For other uses, see …

awwww-cute: “The award for cutest ears goes to.. (Source: ”

Baseball Is in the Air: Pictures

I Played With Mini Pigs For An Afternoon, And It Made My Year

Meet the breeders that are making a positive change in the world of teacup piglets<p>Anybody that knows me knows I have a mildly alarming obsession with mini pigs. If you look at my Facebook page, my friends tag me in every adorable mini pig story on the internet or repeatedly post the same links on …

Cute Animals

15 Awe-Inspiring Photos of Lake Baikal in Siberia

Russia, to most people, is largely an undiscovered wilderness. Vast, icy, and diverse, it might be the world's largest nation, but it remains an …


Mini Pig Gets Popcorn for the First Time

Firefighters save pigs’ bacon after pulling them from burning barn

<b>More than 100 piglets were rescued from a burning barn by firefighters, who were filmed leaving the building with armfuls of them.</b><p>Fire broke out at …


This mornings Sketch dook..

This mornings Sketch dook..Taking my new Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 16 thru its paces.. Keep on keepin on!

07. Mysterious Ways

Beach Skulls - "Santa Fe"

Santa Fe