Anna Maria Tryfonides

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Mummy inspires me to be who I am. She is always there for me. She always wants the best for me and I want to be the same when I grow up. She is risk taking person and she tries new things. My mum is not scared of anything except snakes! She is beautiful although she is 42. My mommy is the best person in the world. I hope I am the same as her when I grow up. I love her very much and nothing will ever change it.

Penguins are very intelligent species of animal. They live on ice in Antarctica. The biggest species of penguin is the emperor penguin. The dad penguin keeps the eggs warm whilst the mother goes out on a fishing trip for food. When penguin is born in a couple of months then the dad starts feeding it with pre chewed food. Then the mother comes to find the dad and the baby. They find each other by a special talk because they all have their unique talk. They all look the same that's why they have their special talk. Mum and dad they baby penguin to the ocean to teach them how to swim.

Always remember dogs are a mans best friend never an enemy.

Dogs are different by many things. They are different by their breeds,personalities and actions. There are small breeds like chihuahuas and mini Pomeranians. There are big dogs like Malinois shepherd and golden retrievers. There are medium dog sizes like poodles,jack Russell's, border collies, pugs and husky.

Dogs are positive most of the time even when they are hurt or have special needs.they always try to make the best of it.the ones in the wheelchairs are happy because they can get around faster and their wheelchair might be even their favourite colour.

Orca whales are a species of dolphin. They eat penguins and seals. You usually find them in Antarctica but you can find them in other places too. They can also kill a shark. Did you know that baby calf stays with mother it's whole life . They are also in acting shows in USA.

Cats are known to see in the dark but actually they sense vibrations with their whiskers. They can sense even the smallest vibrations. That is how they do not bump into things and get around in the dark.