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Devil Rays, Baja California Sur, Mexico http://t.co/Yn0H8XemkL

Gorgeous Close-Up Photos of Ocean Waves by Photographer Ray Collins

Australian photographer Ray Collins specializes in gorgeous photography of ocean waves. Collins prefers to document the waves while floating in the …


Seascapes: Ocean Waves Photographed to Look Like Mountain Ranges

Many photographers capture close-up photos of ocean waves, but photographer Ray Collins has a portfolio of wave shots that stands out. His images of …


Coloring The Past

With a little research and a lot of Photoshop, we breathed colorful new life into historical black and white surf images.


Operation Jairo 2015 Sea Turtle Defense Campaign

'I took this photo at Tanah Lot temple on Bali's south-west coastline during a phenomenal sunset. It's certainly a must see if you ever visit!' - @jacob. Stay tuned for our final image to come from Jacob, for this week-end's #lpInstaTakeover. #travel

Costa Rica’s top five marine adventures

Costa Rica’s thriving forests and abundant wildlife have made it a premier destination for eco-travelers, but the country’s lesser-known offshore environments teem with life and have just as much to set the spine tingling. Sadly, in recent years these underwater habitats have been tainted by …

Central America

Why Shark Finning Bans Aren't Keeping Sharks Off The Plate (Yet)

For decades, sharks have gotten a raw deal on the high seas, where fishermen have butchered them alive by the hundreds of millions and thrown their carcasses overboard, keeping only the prized fins to sell to Asian markets. This gruesome practice — called finning — has come under fire from …


Whales on the Wrong Side of the World

In May 2010, a whale showed up on the wrong side of the world.<p>A team of marine biologists was conducting a survey off the coast of Israel when they spotted it. At first they thought it was a sperm whale. But each time the animal surfaced, the more clearly they could see that it had the wrong …

Your weekend #ocean zen. MT SeaviewSurvey Sailfish hunting fish shoals during sardine run in Gulf of Mexico http://t.co/7DjgT8IQAB

Sea Stills - Ray Collins

Beautiful! MT @DrummPhotos: I love the rainbow blowing #whales of #MontereyBay RT @DianeN56 @MontereyAq http://t.co/nqlFGnLCgu

New Map of Global Ocean Temperatures Is a Work of Art

A new global map of the world's oceans is so visually stunning that it could be mistaken for art.<p>The paintlike swirls of the visualization, which was …

Global Warming

The Big Reason the Deepwater Horizon Disaster Is Not Over

Dolphins, sea turtles, coral, pelicans, and even whales continue to suffer five years after the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, according to a report …

Oil & Gas Industry

Help sea turtles in #WarmingWaters

Surviving a sea-change<p>The oceans are warming and rising.<br>How will sea turtles cope with their changing world?<p>Discover how WWF is working to protect …


Sea Shepherd Does What Others Can't or Won't


by Tomas Kotouc

Shark feeding frenzy videotaped in surf | Adventure Sports Network

Man watches shark feeding frenzy that occurred in North Carolina shallows; images are video screen grabs<p>The wild scene has been described by many as …

North Carolina

Check out this awesome shot of our lion’s mane jellyfish from @christophchow! #Regram #FanPhoto

Check out this awesome shot of our lion’s mane jellyfish from @christophchow! #Regram #FanPhoto

Pancake Sharks – The Cousins are in Trouble

Changing Planet<p><i>Reversing overfishing, climate change, and population growth can seem insurmountable. Safina Center Fellows strive to amplify the global conservation discussion and, in targeted ways and places, overcome some of these obstacles. They bring a wide range of skills, engaging in every</i> …