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And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? TV Anime Slated for April 7

The official website for the TV anime adaptation of light novel Netgame no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? (And you thought there is never a girl …

Valentine's Day Greetings — Anime Style 2016

Kan Colle, Love Live! Sunshine!!, Fate/stay night, and more<p>Today is Valentine's Day, that special time of year when couples go the extra mile for a …


Day 2 - Snow

[Fairy Tail] Dream Team

[Fairy Tail] Nakama !

[Fairy Tail] Erza Natsu !

[Fairy Tail 331] Kagura

[FairyTail] Lunch time !

[FairyTail] Erza Scarlett ♥

[Fairy Tail] Beach OVA !

[Fairy Tail] Happy Charuru

[Fairy Tail] Gajil The Iron Dragon Slayer !

[Fairy Tail 344] Kid Erza !

Fairy Tail‘s Author Hiro Mashima Wishes You a Happy Valentine’s Day

Fairy Tail‘s author Hiro Mashima is back but this time with Valentine’s themed art of characters from the series. He also recently revealed a very …


Natsu can take down almost anything, but he can't stand motion sickness<p>See more<p>I'm pretty sure there are 4 Lucy's. Edolas Lucy, Gemini Lucy, Future …

Anime Vines #9 (Fairy tail, Akame Ga Kill, To Love Ru, Thanks Obama, Parasyte, Tokyo Ghoul,...)

Fairy Tail [AMV] - Don't (HD)

10 Things You Didn't Know About Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail - 1 - The Fairy Tail

A Silent Voice - Koe no Katachi anime film by Kyoto Animation listed for Fall 2016

Japanese movie distributor, Shochiku, has <b>released</b> a line-up for the upcoming movies expected for release between 2016 and 2017, and one of them is …


Notice Me “Senpai”! Learn More How “Senpai” Is Used In Japan

| Culture | Posted<p>Sponsored Links<p>It is great to see how the Japan’s anime and manga culture have become part of the geek culture of the world …


Anime/Game Singer Rena Uehara to Go on Hiatus to Treat Her Voice

ToHeart2/Utawarerumono singer diagnosed with psychogenic disphonia<p>F.I.X. Records annnounced on Monday that singer Rena Uehara will go on hiatus from …


Overlap Launches Bimonthly BL Electronic Manga Magazine

Overlap, a Japanese publisher that specializes in both digital distribution and physical character goods, is launching a new electronic boy's love …


"Shonen Maid" Preview and Visual Look Ahead to Spring Anime

The site for the spring 2016 adaptation of 8-Bit's TV anime adaptation of Ototachibana's <i>Shonen Maid</i> manga has been updated with a new visual and …