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15 Turkey Facts That Will Make You Sound Smart This Thanksgiving


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Fresh melon with ice

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Juice Fuels Listeria on Caramel Apples, Study Finds

Health news<p>Sticks poked into caramel apples release enough juice to make a nice, nourishing place for Listeria bacteria to grow, researchers reported Tuesday.<p>They believe their findings help explain an outbreak of Listeria linked to caramel apples last winter that killed seven people and made at …

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The only 15 foods worth buying organic

Instead we're faced with awkward produce-aisle decisions every time we step foot into a grocery store — is this worth paying 50¢, $1, $5 more?<p>What are the health implications, and is organic equally important across the board?<p>Let's get real here: Most organic food has not been proven to be "better" …

The Four-Minute Workout That Kick-Starts Your Day!

Here's my four-minute workout which I do every morning (before work) that kick-starts my day! Complete this workout before you go to work in the morning and I promise you will feel energized and motivated to start your day.<p>For obvious reasons, most people don't have time to spend hours of their …


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Tulsi Tea Detoxifying Smoothie | Detoxifying Smoothies | Protein Smoothies | Smoothies Recipes | Organic India Teas

<b>Organic India Tulsi Tea Detoxifying Smoothie Recipe</b><p>I love starting my day with a smoothie. Or refueling my body after a workout with a fresh …

These Are The UNHEALTHIEST Foods On The Planet

“I’m on a health kick,” our friend Darlene said the other day over brunch. She proudly poured almond milk into her coffee, took a sip of OJ and bit …

I Gave Up Sugar For Two Months And Here's What Happened

TL;DR, there's sugar in everything and I basically spent two months craving apples.<p>No doubt about it, I am a comfort eater, and the sweet stuff is my biggest weakness. Chocolate, biscuits, crisp and fruity cider, sugary, bready <i>anything</i>, and cinema pick 'n' mix are my Kryptonite, but god, I can …

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