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Here's Your First Look At Alexis Bledel In "The Handmaid's Tale" Season 2

Someone save Rory Gilmore.

A 20-Year-Old Gouged Out Her Own Eyes. Here’s What Makes People Do This

Last month, Kaylee Muthart blinded herself. While shocking, this is not the first time someone has removed their own eyes. We spoke to an expert about the history of eye-gouging and why it happens.<p>Muthart was high and wandering along a railroad track to her church, when she thought God was asking …

We Asked These Personality Scientists To Analyze Our Slack Emojis

We wanted to see if our frequently used emojis were a window into our personalities. Answer: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯<p>Kate Davis clicked the little smiley face at the bottom right-hand corner of her Slack window, pulling up a box with 36 of her most frequently used emoji. “I have sobbing, crying laughing, rage …


27 Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To In 2018

Tired of listening to the same old podcasts? Here's some fresh ones that deserve your time.<p>We asked the BuzzFeed Community and BuzzFeed staff to tell us about underrated podcasts they absolutely love. We received thousands and thousands of submissions this year. (Thank you if you sent one in.) Here …

This Is What Recruiters Look For On Your Social Media Accounts

You already know not to let recruiters see your wild vacation photos. These are a few lesser-known things for which they’re scouring your social profiles.<p>Recruiters and hiring managers sifting through your social media accounts before giving you a call is nothing new, but their vetting process …


Sleep deprivation seems to have opposite effects in healthy and depressed people

The first sign that something is happening is Angelina’s hands. As she chats to the nurse in Italian, she begins to gesticulate, jabbing, moulding, and circling the air with her fingers. As the minutes pass and Angelina becomes increasingly animated, I notice a musicality to her voice that I’m sure …

No Country On Earth Is Sustainably Meeting Its Basic Needs

When measured on simple metrics like sanitation, life expectancy, and education, no country on Earth has found a way to guarantee the well-being of its citizens while also staying within planetary boundaries.<p>If you want to measure how society is progressing, GDP growth doesn’t work particularly …


Literally Just 27 Jokes About Trying To Be Healthy

"Buying a salad is all fun and games until you have to eat it."

Our Obsession With Working Hard Is Ruining Our Productivity

Hard work is important to success, but it’s dangerous to see it as the most important thing.<p>What do you <i>really</i> need to get ahead at work?<p>I get asked this all the time. The answer varies depending on the person, their goals, and my mood, but there’s one answer I’ll never give: “Work hard.” That’s not …

Time Management

5 Big Stories to Watch at the Winter Olympics

Think you’re ready for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang? The Winter Games are set to begin this Friday, Feb. 9, with the opening ceremony<b>—</b>and …

Winter Olympics
Woody Allen

7 Powerful Things You Should Always Be Able to Say About Yourself |

There are elements within ourselves that can either sabotage our success or lead us to greatness. In my bestselling book, <b>The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness,</b> I speak about seven characteristics that can lead you away <b>from your gaps,</b> your failures, your sabotaging self, and …


Exactly How To Format And Save Your Resume (And Why It Matters)

Here are the fonts to use and avoid, how to title the file, and more.<p>Your first goal when applying to jobs is always to save your resume from getting lost in employers’ big databases, but this is inevitably going to happen. Many recruiters and employers use some form of “applicant tracking system” …


How To Stop Yourself From Saying “Sorry” All The Time

Over-apologizing hurts your credibility. Here are five tricks to help you curb the habit.<p>I don’t remember when I started being an over-apologizer. It might have been at a previous job, when my bosses told me that I was “questioning” my senior colleagues too often. Somewhere early in my professional …


Virginia Woolf gets a Google Doodle to mark her 136th birthday

Virginia Woolf helped define modern literature with her lyrical prose and stream of consciousness writing, so it’s only fitting that she would get that most modern of tributes for her 136th birthday–a Google Doodle.<p>The doodle, which was created by London-based illustrator Louise Pomeroy, shows a …


Here’s How You Can Prepare For These Common Interview Questions

These are the questions that hiring managers ask again and again.<p>No matter how many you go on, job interviews can always be nerve wrecking. You put on your nicest clothes, print out your resume, and remind yourself to smile real big–and just when you think everything is going well, the interviewer …


Burger King’s Net Neutrality, CBS Keeps NFL Simple: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Patagonia profiles a Japanese nuclear plant protest, Skittles might take a talking sandwich to the Super Bowl, and Audi makes the greatest globe-trotting ski ad ever.<p>How much would you pay to get a Whopper RIGHT NOW? I mean, we’ve all theoretically offered up our left arm, or maybe a middle toe, in …

Burger King

These Bold Ideas Aim To Make Plastic Waste A Thing Of The Past

The winners of a recent contest hosted by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation all start with one fundamental concept: We can–and must–replace non-recyclable materials on the market with biodegradable alternatives.<p>When the Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched its New Plastics Economy initiative two years …


Heavy Rotation: 10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing

Every month, NPR Music crowdsources public radio stations across the country for the songs they just can't get enough of. That could be a new release, a pick from their local scene, or a late-to-the-party discovery.<p>This month, their selections include a new single from indie giants MGMT, an update …

Radio Industry

Why We Forget Most of the Books We Read

... and the movies and TV shows we watch<p>Pamela Paul’s memories of reading are less about words and more about the experience. “I almost always remember where I was and I remember the book itself. I remember the physical object,” says Paul, the editor of <i>The New York Times Book Review</i>, who reads, it …


What Everyone Is Getting Totally Wrong About Emotional Intelligence |

The more I read about EQ (or Emotional Intelligence) the more I wonder if people are defining it properly. For years, I've heard that EQ is about an ability to read people--to pick up on body language, to assess a situation and read feelings, to display a warmth and emotional connection that sets …

Emotional Intelligence

Paddington 2 Is Children's Entertainment at Its Finest

The second film about a mischievous, marmalade-loving bear in Britain is gleefully imaginative and warm-hearted.<p>If Hollywood is looking for a pop-culture role model in 2018, it could do worse than Paddington Bear, the adorable CGI version of the classic British children’s character. He’s voiced by …

Paddington 2

50 Feel-Good Movies You Need To Watch ASAP

Get ready for lots of good music and female empowerment!

Tom Hanks

Wonder women: how female action heroes will blast cinema screens in 2018

This year’s movie slate suggests a sudden industry interest in female-driven blockbusters. But is this a response to the Weinstein revelations? Or does it boil down to hard cash?<p>After #MeToo and allegations of predatory behaviour by powerful men in Hollywood, it feels good for the soul that the …


31 Jokes About Harry Potter That'll Make You Say "I Really Love The Internet"

Bless the Harry Potter fandom.

Harry Potter

19 Things Every Horror Movie Is Guilty Of Doing

For the love of all that is holy, please don't shout "Hello?" into a dark hallway.

Universal Studios

Here's What Your Recurring Nightmares Actually Mean

Everyone has a bad dream once in a while. But having the same one over and over may signal that something specific is missing in your daily life, new …


Leonardo da Vinci: The Biography by Walter Isaacson review – unparalleled creative genius

Flamboyant, illegitimate and self taught, he was unreliable and an unashamed self-publicist. He was also one of the most gifted and inventive men in history<p>In 1501, desperate for Leonardo to paint her portrait, the immensely rich Isabella d’Este employed a friar to act as go-between. The friar met …

Digital Art

Homelessness: ‘People think it can never happen to them, but it can, in the blink of an eye’

Four people who became homeless this year tell their stories<p>• Click here to donate to our appeal<p>On any given night in England, there are an estimated 4,134 people sleeping rough. As the colder months approach, Big Issue founder John Bird has raised concerns this could be “the worst winter for over …