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Andrew Gyorda

Andrew Gyorda is a pharmacist and manager of the Hollis Pharmacy in Hollis, New Hampshire. He has operated the pharmacy for the past four years. Hollis Pharmacy is not a chain pharmacy, but a community pharmacy for the Hollis community. You don’t see a different face every time you go to the drugstore as it might be with a chain pharmacy. Andrew is the pharmacist you will see when you come into Hollis Pharmacy. He also looks for unique ways to reach out to the community, including being a drop-location for the local food bank and a card drop-off location to send cards to first responders. The goal is to specialize in the people in the community. Andrew was always very interested in the human body as a youth. His mom was a registered dietitian for 50 and she encouraged him to pursue a career in one of the health sciences. He was always impressed by how plants and chemical compounds can alter body functions and sought to know more. When he became a pharmacist in the 1980s and early 1990s, it was a fiv