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Migrant crossings through the central Mediterranean jumped by more than four-fold after 2013. The International Organization for Migration estimates that nearly 182,000 migrants from Libya have landed in Italy since the start of last year, exacerbating a massive refugee crisis already spilling out of Syria and other parts of the Middle East. Unlike the millions of people forcibly displaced by Syria's brutal five-year civil war, migrants that pass through Libya do so amid a complex web of forces that have uprooted entire generations. For years, broad regions of sub-Saharan Africa have been swallowed by squalor and extreme poverty, crushed under the rule of oppressive governments or caught in the crosshairs of deadly groups that thrive on terror. But suddenly, technology made the world much smaller and dreams more concrete. Facebook feeds were now flooded with pictures of friends and family who had made it to Europe, projecting the notion that a dramatically improved lifestyle was easily within reach. Remittance packages from loved ones abroad proved that higher wages were not merely a myth. Connections to smugglers selling safe passage to a new life were all of a sudden just a phone call away. Pictured here, a group of migrants rest beside the lorry they were traveling on. For roughly 180 U.S. dollars, migrants may pay to ride on top of lorries that shuttle goods across the desert between Niger and Libya. This is the latest in an on-going partnership between @magnumphotos and @msnbcphoto following the global migrant crisis. For more of this special feature by photographer Lorenzo Meloni go to (follow link in profile). #MigrantCrisis #Libya #Africa #migrant #refugee #RefugeeCrisis #UNHCR #migration #MagnumPhotos #LorenzoMeloni #MSNBCPhoto

Venezia: bacari, osterie, ristoranti a Cannaregio

Se una volta arrivati a <b>Venezia</b> e usciti dalla stazione di Santa Lucia il problema principale non è come raggiungere Piazza San Marco ma dove fermarvi …

Photograph by @JohnStanmeyer Mariam Mindybaeva, the caretaker of Shopan-Ata shrine, located in an underground cave in the steppes of Kazakhstan. A necropolis and underground mosque, Shopan-Ata is one of the largest and oldest burial and religious complexes in Kazakhstan. With camera support from @anushbabajanyan, we're publishing the making of this National Geographic story on my #Snapchat account @stanmeyer, sharing short films of the making of this story for Nat Geo. Also be sure to also follow my IG account @JohnStanmeyer for photos from the steppes of Kazakhstan and beyond. All my best, John Stanmeyer @natgeocreative @thephotosociety @outofedenwalk #kazakhstan #Mangystau #shopanata #portrait #stanmeyeronassignment #picoftheday #photooftheday #followme #onassignment

If only the drive to work could look like this...

Table for two.

Photo by @BrianSkerry. A group of whale sharks feed off the coast of Isla Mujres, Mexico. Despite the size of these massive creatures, very little is known about their habits and behavior. For example, although the typical lifespan of a whale shark is suspected to be around 70 years, no mating or pupping of these animals has ever been observed. Typically, whale sharks are not found in waters colder than 72° F, allowing for the most common sightings to occur in the deep blue waters of the tropics. To learn more about whale sharks and other marine wildlife, follow @BrianSkerry on Instagram. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #whale #shark #vulnerable #conservation #fish # #food #mexico #photooftheday #conservation #cute #animals #preservation #nationalgeographic #NatGeoOceansDay

Photograph by @susanseubert // In celebration of Worldwide Love a Tree Day. Trees are an integral part of life on Earth. Go out and hug a tree! Photographed #onassignment for @Natgeotravel #natgeoexpeditions in Britain Columbia, #Canada Follow @susanseubert for more!

Photo by @andywcoleman // There seems to be something interesting around every corner in the Coyote Buttes North Wilderness area. The Wave, rightfully so, gets all the press, but a little research can help you make a full day amongst the rocks. We hiked out under a full moon to make the most of the day. We got to this point called top rock arch just in time for sunrise.

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