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Why I Gave Up On Canadian Nudism & Moved Back To Europe

Young Naturists And Nudists America YNAI Tried Nudism in Canada…Here’s Why It Didn’t Work Out Guest blog by: Thomas Lundy In 1995 I moved back to my …

Hollywood Stuntman Claims Cannabis Oil Cured His Stage 4 Cancer • High Times

Although the majority of mainstream America may not recognize the name Mark Chavarria, there is a relatively good chance they have seen his Hollywood</i> …

Day 1 of 2015 Comic-Con

Darth Vader

How to break the bank in Nevada: An outrageous luxury travel guide

HERE ARE 11 ideas for going all out in a state renowned for its celebrations of excess.<p>1. Get inside the Mansion at MGM Grand.<p>How do you recognize …

Revelers Run With Bulls in Spanish Fiesta


The Very Real Benefits Of Going Camping

It's time to get back to your roots (tree roots, that is).<p>In his essay <i>Nature</i>, Ralph Waldo Emerson dives into the healing powers of the wilderness. "In the presence of nature," he wrote, "a wild delight runs through the man, in spite of real sorrows."<p>It may be century-old wisdom, but his theory …

Sisters Missing on Wyoming Wilderness Trip Found

The three sisters who were missing for days after going on a camping trip outside of Jackson Hole have been safely found.<p>A search team on a …

Mbrëmje Gala - Inis Neziri - I will always love you

6 awesome comic books you must read before the movies hit theaters

Having to do your background reading just to go and watch a movie sounds a whole lot like schoolwork, but thankfully when it comes to the world of comic books things ain’t so bad!<p>With theaters set to play host to a gorgeous buffet of superhero flicks over the next year, Cult of Mac took it upon …

Marvel Comics

تامر يبدأ تصوير فيلمه الجديد مع أحمد مالك • نغم العرب

قبل ما يقارب الأسبوع على انتهاء شهر رمضان المبارك، بدأ النجمتامر حسنيفي تصوير أول مشاهد فيلمه السينمائي الجديد.<p>وأعلن تامر عن بدء تصويره لفيلمه الجديد …

غيابك ظلم تلك الروح التي كانت تتمنى أن تحتل قلبها، ألم الجرح يقسى عليها ، زهور بستانها أصبحت وحوش تقتلها

اعتذر للحياة*** حينما اتهمتها بالقسوة***ولدموع حينما جمدتها بالعين***ولصندوق الذكريات الذي اخرجته بعد دفنه في قبور كرامتي***فعذرا لك يا حياتي لأنني رميتك وراء قاتل جرح ما تبقى من جروحي التى لم تشفى بعد***