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Songs to write to

Is this playlist safe for work?<p>| 9 tracks<p>| <b>1,201</b><p><b>88</b><p>| Stats<p>Ronz! The Cinematic Orchestra The Chronicles Of Narnia writtinginstrumentalmoviemovie …

not my photo, just found it on tumblr on We Heart It

Exploring History: Halloween


lets go far, far, far away from home

Give people a reason to remember my name.

28th October 2016<p>Dear Journal:<p>Many many years ago I decided what is it that I wanted to do with my life, and until these days, I still want to do the …

Make a road trip with my friends from Morelia to L.A.

I think it would be okay if we stay one or two nights in each of the points, except in Los Angeles,, I think we might stay there for two or three …

Write a letter to your future self

I think that writing to yourself is a really healthy and beautiful thing to do, this way you will be able to remind yourself of what were your …

Visit my best friend in Italy

Evans, M. E. “9 Differences Between The North, Central, And South Of Italy.”<i>Living In Italy Moving To Italy Loving In Italy Laughing In Italy</i>. …

Living Halloween the original way