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11 Books That Kept Us Up at Night

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9 European holiday destination ideas you might not have thought of

It’s time to sort your summer hols out! Are you tired of hearing about the same old destinations? Want to try somewhere different?<p>This summer why not …

How the Computer Beat the Go Master

<i>God moves the player, he in turn the piece.</i> <i><br>But what god beyond God begins the round</i> <i><br>Of dust and time and sleep and agony?</i><p>—Jorge Luis Borges<p>As I write …

Artificial Intelligence

Google just proved how unpredictable artificial intelligence can be

The 4-1 defeat of Go grandmaster Lee Se-Dol by Google's AlphaGo artificial intelligence (AI) is only the latest in a string of pursuits in which technology has triumphed over humanity.<p>Self-driving cars are already less accident-prone than human drivers, the TV quiz show Jeopardy! is a lost cause, …

Artificial Intelligence

When AI rules the world: what SF novels tell us about our future overlords

Science fiction has offered many visions of a computer-controlled future, and the future doesn’t look good for humanity<p>It’s only March and already we’ve seen a computer beat a Go grandmaster and a self-driving car crash into a bus. The world is waking up to the ways in which a combination of “deep …

Science Fiction

Predictive Analytics in QA

Infosys Predictive Analytics in QA solution focuses on real defect data and data from social media. It provides a 360 degree view on behavior of …

80 Books Every Person Should Read

We invited eight female literary powerhouses, from Michiko Kakutani to Anna Holmes to Roxane Gay, to help us create an updated list of books everyone should read. Each participant made 10 picks. It's a new year, a new We're looking forward to reading and we hope you are, too.<p>What can …


The Ten Greatest Steps Of The Last Ten Decades

As 2016 dawns, it’s important to recognize that just a century ago, our perception of the Universe was that:<p>the stars, star clusters and nebulae in our Milky Way made up the entire Universe,<br>• all matter was made up of atomic nuclei and electrons,<br>• the only two forces were gravitation and …


The 20 most popular business books of 2015

Amazon recently released its list of the best-selling books of 2015, including the most popular business and investing books.<p>Whether you run a company, work for one, or work for yourself, these 20 books are guaranteed to teach you something new. Scroll down to see which books made the list.


33 books everyone should read before turning 30

While the only way to learn is to survive the inevitable cycle of successes and failures, it is always useful to have some guidance along the way.<p>To help you out, we've selected some of our favorite books that likely never made your high-school or college reading lists.<p>It's an eclectic selection …


Readers' top 10 best books of 2015

After authors and reviewers chose their favourite books of the year, it’s time to let Guardian readers speak – here are your most-beloved books of 2015<p>Best of culture in 2015: see this year’s cultural highlights, chosen by the Guardian’s writers and critics<p>It’s December, and you know what that …


Here’s what the world will be like in 2045, according to DARPA’s top scientists

Predicting the future is fraught with challenges, but when it comes to technological advances and forward thinking, experts working at the Pentagon's research agency may be the best people to ask.<p>Launched in 1958, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is behind some of the biggest …


These are Google’s 4 best practices for fostering creativity and innovation

“How many golf balls could you fit in a school bus?” This is the kind of question Google and its big tech brethren were once known for asking would-be employees. The reasoning behind the technique seemed intuitive. Ask people odd questions, see how original and well analyzed their thought process …

Human Resources

Man-booker winner Marlon James: 'Writers of colour pander to the white woman'

The 2015 Man Booker prize winner Marlon James has slammed the publishing world, saying authors of colour too often “pander to white women” to sell books, and that he could have been published more often if he had written “middle-style prose and private ennui”.<p>At a sold-out Guardian event on Friday …


The Best Smartphones for Travelers in 2015

Smartphones are now essential travel gear, and 2015 has seen many great new models drop—so many it's tough to choose. To help, we took some of the top contenders out for a real-life, hands-on spin. Here's how they stacked up.<p>These days, we tap smartphones for every aspect of our traveling lives: …


Intelligent Machines: AI art is taking on the experts

<b>In a world where machines can do many things as well as humans, one would like to hope there remain enclaves of human endeavour to which they simply cannot aspire.</b><p>Art, literature, poetry, music - surely a mere computer without world experience, moods, memories and downright human fallibility cannot …

Artificial Intelligence

The 24 Best Fiction Books Of 2015

These are the novels and short story collections that we absolutely loved in 2015. (Ranked in no particular order.)

National Geographic Travel

How Science Has Been Abused to Promote Racism

Tim Crowe, <i>University of Cape Town</i><p>Race in human taxonomy -- the science of classifying organisms -- has a long, disgraceful history.<p>Individuals have used race to divide and denigrate certain people while promoting their claims of superiority. Some of these individuals were, and are, respected in …


Everything Apple does can be explained by this one simple question

Despite the hype, all three of those products earned mixed reactions.<p>Compound that with the repeated and persistent reports that Apple is going to make an electric car, and a lot of pundits are wondering just what the heck Apple thinks it's doing.<p>Well, it's pretty simple.<p>If you ever want to know …

IPad Pro

The Little Book of Thanks

These enlightening quotes and adorable animal photos provide the perfect way to acknowledge everyone who makes a difference.

15 things that are harder to get into than Harvard

The Cambridge, Massachusetts, school accepted just 5.3% of roughly 37,000 applications for its class of 2019. As Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust said last year, "We could fill our class twice over with valedictorians."<p>The school seeks out students who not only have high grades, but also have …

College & University

How Is It Possible That Galaxies Are Moving Away From Us Faster Than the Speed of Light?

According to Albert Einstein, the speed of light is an absolute constant beyond which nothing can move faster. So, how can galaxies be traveling …

15 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016 That Could Destroy Your Business

Marketing today is a new game.<p>The “Mad Men” of the Madison avenue era of wine, whisky and women as inspiration, are now a distant but fond memory. …

The Top 10 Things That We Should Be Informed About in Life

<i>This piece originally appeared on Quora: What are the top 10 things that we should be informed about in life?</i><p>I’m 30 years old. I wish I could travel …

"Best of the World" Story and Pictures

Story ?<p>Best of the World<p>Published <b>Oct 10, 2015</b> | View the Assignment | Features Photos From <b>15 Contributors</b><p><b>15 photos</b> selected by<p><i>Editor in Chief, National Geographic Traveler Magazine</i><p><i>Acting Design Director, Traveler Magazine</i><p><i>Acting Director of Photography, Traveler Magazine</i><p>View Slideshow<p><b>Editors'</b> …

10 Tiny Towns For A Cozy, Low-Key Vacation

<i>This post was originally published on November 20, 2015.</i><br>Big cities may get most of the attention, but America's small towns have so much to offer …


The 2 simple reasons why Google Maps is better than everything else

"Google is the most widely used [mapping app] and it has the biggest volume of sensors," Marc Prioleau, the managing director of Prioleau Advisors, a location services consulting firm in California, told Tech Insider in an interview. "I think you could also say it has the most sophisticated …

Google Maps

Two tech billionaires just interviewed each other in my Stanford class — here's what they said

Here is an essay version of my class notes from Class 18 of Stanford University's CS183C — Technology-enabled Blitzscaling — taught by Reid Hoffman, John Lilly, Chris Yeh, and Allen Blue.<p>Errors and omissions are my own. Credit for good stuff is Reid, John, Chris Yeh, and Allen's entirely.<p>This class …